Instantly See the Cause of Critical Issues

Instantly See Why Code Is Breaking

FusionReactor’s  Event Snapshot capability will automatically pinpoint errors and gives you the complete source code, stack trace, variable and environment state at the point an error occurred.

Production Debugging for Java and ColdFusion

Interactively debug your Java or ColdFusion applications in production with almost zero performance impact and without affecting more than a single thread.

Set Non-Blocking Breakpoints

FusionReactor can be configured to send you an email containing the complete stack trace PLUS all the scope variables which were set at the moment the breakpoint trigger fires – at that exact point in the code.
This capability means that you no longer have to include debug code in your applications to write variables into log files or force dumps to capture context.

Having the stack trace plus variables can often be enough to pinpoint what the actual issue is – so you may not even need to debug via the integrated debugger.

Set Non-Blocking Breakpoints

Live Code Debugging – Without Halting Code Execution

Nerd.Vision is a SaaS production debugger (from the makers of FusionReactor) that allows you to debug runtime applications across multiple platforms such as Java, Python, NodeJS, and ColdFusion and also send the debug information e.g. Stack frames, variables to other systems such as Slack, PagerDuty etc.