Crash Reporting & Alerting

Know in advance before things go bad

Receive Instant Alerts When Things Start to Go Bad

FusionReactor seamlessly integrates with alerting tools such as Slack, PageDuty, VictorOps plus many others, so that you’re able to stay on-top of issues as they unfold.

FusionReactor Weekly SLA Report

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports

Keep up to date with server and application utilization and health metrics with the daily, weekly, and monthly SLA reports, sent straight to your inbox.

Crash Protection and Alerting

FusionReactor can pro-actively take action to prevent potential server crashes and limit customer impact.  Get insight into code level diagnostics, stack trace information and resource metrics as soon as situations are turning bad. 

FusionReactor Web Request Time
Alerting FusionReactor APM

Customizable Alerting

FusionReactor includes advanced alerting capability, to enable you to set alerts based on different metrics available.

We have integrated support for many standard alerting tools, such as Slack, PagerDuty, MS Teams, VictorOps – as well as supporting alerts via email and HTTP webhooks.