Compare Cloud Edition Features

FusionReactor’s HYBRID solution combines On-Premise with Cloud, giving you the best of both worlds !

Feature Ultimate Cloud
$149 month / $1490 year
Enterprise Cloud
$99 month / $990 year
Live Mode – enabling ‘real-time’ updates YES
Performance Profiles – Visualize Code Profiles, to provide performance insight into how code is performing at method level YES
ALL the Features available in the On-Premise Ultimate Edition – including Production DebuggerEvent SnapshotsProduction Java ProfilerMemory ProfilerThread Profiler and CPU Sampler YES
User Accounts which may be managed via Cloud Unlimited 20
Saved Stack Traces / Transactions / Profiles Unlimited 100
Data Retention Period – Low Resolution metric data 90 Days 30 Days
Data Retention Period – High Resolution metric data 7 Days 7 Days
Data Retention Period – Application metric data (Interesting Transactions) 7 Days 7 Days
Advanced Alerting Capability – alerting via Slack, Victor Ops, PagerDuty, Twilio, web-hooks, email etc. YES YES
ALL the Features available in the On-Premise Enterprise Edition, including Enterprise DashboardJMX MBean Metrics AWS CloudWatch integrationSystem MonitorEnterprise Daily ReportLogging Capture and Enterprise Scripting YES YES
ALL the Features available in the On-Premise Standard Edition, including Crash ProtectionMetric Archive ViewerEnd to End Real User Monitoring, Availability Monitor, Alerts & Notifications, Automatic Error/Issue detection & pinpoint, DB/SQL Analysis, Transaction Monitoring JSON MonitoringStandard Daily Reports etc. YES YES