Always have the latest version of FusionReactor

Save money with a Maintenance Package

Do I need to purchase Maintenance?

Maintenance is included with all subscription licenses. If you have an existing perpetual license then you will need to renew your Maintenance Package.

Perpetual licenses are no longer available to purchase

If you are an existing perpetual License holder and wish to purchase additional licenses or switch to a subscription license then please contact sales.

What is Maintenance and how much does it cost?

FusionReactor maintenance entitles you to receive free upgrades and updates for a 1 year period.

FusionReactor Edition Renewal Price
Per Server / Per Year
ULTIMATE $479 – Renew Now!
ENTERPRISE $359 – Renew Now!
STANDARD $239 – Renew Now!

Benefits of Maintenance

Having a FusionReactor maintenance license is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make sure you always have the latest version of FusionReactor.

  • SAVE MONEY: get free access to all updates and upgrades during the year for significantly less than the cost of one upgrade
  • BE COMPATIBLE: make sure that your version of FusionReactor will work with the latest versions of supported servers and operating systems
  • BE ALERTED: receive automatic email notification of upgrades and updates make updating quick and simple
  • STAY AHEAD: feature-packed upgrades allow you to have the best Application Performance Monitoring tool available

Fusion Renewal Policy

  • Maintenance may be renewed up to 30 days after your existing FusionReactor maintenance expiry date
  • Maintenance is renewed from 1 day after your then-current expiry date
  • If you do not renew within the 30 day grace period, then you will have to upgrade your existing license to receive the latest version of FusionReactor and get back on maintenance

How Do Maintenance Renewals Work?

  • If you purchased online through our store – maintenance will be automatically billed, so long as your credit card details are still OK and you’ve not canceled
  • If you purchased through a manual order (usually with a PO) then we will send you an email asking if you would like to renew your maintenance, together with a quote
  • If you need more information or didn’t receive an email or automatic renewal – please contact sales

Fusion Maintenance Policy

*Subject to change at any time at Intergral’s discretion

Maintenance entitles you to receive version upgrades (for example, an upgrade from version 8.0 to 9.0) when and if commercially available, during the active maintenance period, for the Fusion product for which the maintenance was originally purchased. A maintenance period is one year from the date of purchase or the previous maintenance expiry date. Intergral shall solely determine what constitutes an upgrade. The use of any upgrade distributed to you pursuant to the terms of this Maintenance Policy shall be governed by the Intergral EULA (End User License Agreement) corresponding to the Fusion product to which the upgrade is applicable. Maintenance is not transferable.

Distribution & Renewal of Maintenance

You will be notified when upgrades are available for download by email (if you have provided Intergral with a valid email address when you purchased). YOU MUST NOTIFY INTERGRAL IMMEDIATELY IN THE EVENT OF A CHANGE IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR CONTACT INFORMATION. To change this information, email the updated information along with your serial number to

Maintenance renewals may be purchased up to 30 days after your maintenance expiry date. Upon the renewal of your maintenance, the new maintenance period start date will be the date immediately following the date of the expiration of your then-current maintenance. Failure to renew your maintenance after 30 days after your maintenance expiry date will result in the cancellation of your maintenance. To reinstate canceled maintenance, you must purchase a Fusion product upgrade with maintenance.