Enterprise Reporting – always keeping you informed!

Each day, each week and each month FusionReactor will send a report keeping you up-to-date with your servers key metrics, outages and error codes

Enterprise Reporting, FusionReactor

Daily Report

If you have a FusionReactor Enterprise or Ultimate Edition, FR will send out a Daily Report email containing a summary of important metrics from the previous days activity. This will give you an instant feel for your servers performance and usage, so you can spot trends and react accordingly.

Daily Report Metrics include: Uptime, number of outages, web request and JDBC requests plus resource usage. Read more about FusionReactor’s Daily Reports and how to set them up in our blog post.

A basic Daily Report summary is also available for customers running FusionReactor Standard Edition.

Weekly / Monthly Reports

FusionReactor also provides a weekly and monthly report, which summarized information which has been captured within the Daily Reports

Enterprise Reporting, FusionReactor