Distributed tracing

Find performance bottlenecks anywhere in your stack

Gain unparalleled visibility into the behavior of your distributed applications

By combining OpenTelemetry and FusionReactor, developers can gain unparalleled visibility into the behavior of their distributed applications. The OpenTelemetry libraries make it easy to instrument code for distributed tracing, while FusionReactor provides full-stack observability for monitoring and troubleshooting your entire system.

End-to-end application performance monitoring

  • Monitor requests from services, serverless functions to databases.
  • Automated propagation of trace_ids allows you to view traces and logs in context.
  • Identify backend errors in API load tests and browser tests.

Control and visibility in real-time

  • Identify incidents faster with real-time visibility into ingested traces and service dependencies.
  • Discover errors and latency outliers during active investigations.
  • Set SLOs, track trends, and monitor KPIs using span-based metrics.

Performance monitoring any stack, anywhere

  • Instrument any application on any host, container, serverless function, or platform automatically.
  • Integrate hundreds of third-party frameworks or libraries for unparalleled visibility into Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, or C++ code and more.
  • Access vendor-neutral support with OpenTelemetry.

Identify root causes at code-level

  • Optimize production code and save on compute costs with always-on, low-overhead code profiling.
  • Reduce service latency by breaking down slow requests  by time spent in code on CPU, GC, lock contention, and I/O.
  • Analyze performance regressions caused by inefficient code using any timeframe and tag.