Instantly identify issues and cut analysis time down to minutes rather than days

Automated Root Cause Analysis - Event Snapshot

Automatically Find Issues

Event Snapshots are intended to provide deep level insight whenever a problem, such as an exception or thread latency occurs. Snapshots are triggered automatically. See source code, scope variables, stack trace and logging information at the point the problem occurs; providing everything you need to isolate the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Event Snapshots, FusionReactor

Automatic Error Capture

In our Root Cause Analysis feature; Event Snapshots are automatically captured and rendered in the Snapshot History Page.
FusionReactor also includes intelligent analysis and rate-limiting, so that you’re not bombarded by the same issue and get a good ‘spread’ of analytical insight.

Code, Context and Variables

Similar in nature to the debugger UI, Event Snapshots will show the exact line of code where the error took place, combined with the current stack frame context as well as current variable scope.

Event Snapshots, FusionReactor