FusionReactor Metrics

FusionReactor provides a wealth of metric information – ranging from complete JMX MBean metrics, to enhanced framework support to NoSQL data stores and current streaming platforms

Web Requests

FusionReactor captures web requests into the application server allowing you to track the rate of requests (via activity / time graphs) and the exact URLs being hit (via the active / history pages)

Web Requests which error, are slow or have errors are tracked into individual lists.

FusionReactor Metrics, FusionReactor

Memory Metrics

Track down memory usage of the JVM and track down which transactions are allocating the most.

Garbage Collection

FusionReactor metrics show detailed information about the configured garbage collector your JVM is using and shows how much memory is being freed and how often.

FusionReactor Metrics, FusionReactor
FusionReactor Metrics, FusionReactor

JDBC Request Details

If the Web Request or Transaction contains any JDBC queries e.g. SQL, Hibernate, MongoDB etc. then detail information will be displayed – such as the exact SQL statement executed, number of rows returned, time taken to execute etc.

These are tracked into individual lists based on whether they error or are slow.

JMX MBeans

Java Management Extensions (JMX) / MBeans includes 100’s of metrics relating to resources running inside the JVM

FusionReactor Metrics, FusionReactor