FusionReactor is able to monitor Java applications running on the Glassfish Java Application Server. FusionReactor is the most developer-centric means of seeing into the performance of Java applications running on Glassfish.

FusionReactor is the tool you need to troubleshoot the most complex application performance issues. Giving you instant insight into where issues are occurring or where your application is performing poorly.

All the insight you need from your APM

Deliver software faster on your Glassfish Application Server

Actionable insight into your Glassfish Application Server

Fix SQL Bottlenecks before they become an issue

Find Critical issues on your Glassfish Application Server

Find out instantly when things go wrong on your Application Server

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About GlassFish

Oracle GlassFish Server

The Oracle GlassFish Server is the world’s first implementation of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6 specification. Built using the GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, Oracle GlassFish Server delivers a flexible, lightweight, and production-ready Java EE 6 application server. Download

GlassFish Server Open Source Edition

GlassFish Server Open Source Edition is an open-source application server built within the GlassFish community. Oracle GlassFish Server is based on GlassFish Server Open Source Edition. GlassFish Server users benefit from a vibrant community that offers self-support, contributes code and product features, product ideas and feedback, bug reports, and more. Useful community resources are outlined below.

  • Downloads GlassFish Server Open Source Edition downloads
  • NetBeans Community GlassFish Server ships with NetBeans
  • Java EE 6 Home Learn about Java EE 6 technology