1 Server = 1 Host = 1 License – it’s that simple

Monthly, Annual or on-demand pricing

FusionReactor is a Hybrid monitor, it always comes as On-Premise, but we also offer a Cloud interface. If you have an FR Cloud account, then metric and alerts will be sent to the cloud as well as locally. If you want to try the Hybrid solution, just click Start Free Cloud Trial

FusionReactor Cloud does NOT replace FusionReactor On-Premise – it extends the feature set. The software (Agent) is THE SAME. If you have a Cloud license key – this WILL work with the On-Premise version of FusionReactor – however, the license usage and terms and conditions are different – see below.

How is FusionReactor On-Premise Licensed?

Each physical or virtual server requires one FusionReactor license – all of the instances which are installed on that server are covered by the one FusionReactor license. So, if you have (say) 6 virtual machines, then you need 6 seats on your license key.

Note, that on a single server you may have multiple instances (Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, ColdFusion etc.) installed on it, but you still only need 1 license for that (virtual or physical) server.   Virtual Machines (VM’s) are also classed as separate physical servers and therefore require a license.

Licensing FAQ’s, FusionReactor

2 Servers = 2 Licenses

What types of On-Premise license are available?

You have A CHOICE – We offer a monthly and annual subscription license as well as a perpetual license.

PAY-AS-YOU-GO Subscription

A Subscription license will allow you to use FusionReactor for a period of time. We offer monthly and annual subscription licenses. After the subscription period expires you need to renew your subscription or FusionReactor will no longer continue to work. Subscription renewals are automatic if your credit card details are OK.

PAY-ONE-TIME Perpetual

A Perpetual license works indefinitely. Once installed you may use FusionReactor on that server and the license will never expire. All new Perpetual licenses include 12 months maintenance. Maintenance entitles you to free updates and upgrades of FusionReactor. Renewing maintenance is entirely optional.

How is FusionReactor Cloud Licensed?

Each physical or virtual server (host) requires one FusionReactor license. If you are using Cloud then up to 5 instances are covered with a single license seat. If you exceed 5 instances, then you will require a second license e.g. 4 instances = 1 seat, 9 instances = 2 seats, 11 instances = 3 seats etc..

With the advent of FusionReactor Cloud, we’ve changed how we license to accommodate a more flexible model of being able to support static and dynamic server monitoring. What this means is that you will be able to reserve a host (server) for a period of time (month – which is equal to 750 hours). You can think of this as a bucket of time – which can contain up to 750 hours. If you just have one server using time from the bucket, then it will fill over time – so that each month, the bucket is filled. If you introduce a second server, which comes online for say 24 hours within the month – then this time will also go into the bucket. When the bucket is full, then (in this case) at the end of the month you would require 24 hours extra time, which would be calculated dynamically and which you would be charged for. The dynamic rate is 10% higher than the regular planned rate.

We think the model will be interesting for customers who have (say) 2 static servers and 3 dynamic servers that are coming online frequently, but not permanently – in this case, you could reserve (say) 3 servers and have the 3rd server cover the time for the 3 dynamic servers at the lower rate.c

What types of Cloud license are available?

PAY-AS-YOU-GO Subscription Hybrid Cloud

A Cloud Subscription license will allow you to use FusionReactor both On-Premise and in the Cloud for a period of time. We currently offer monthly subscription licenses which must be paid via Credit Card and we offer annual licenses which can be invoiced. Subscription renewals are automatic if your credit card details are OK. We will contact you to renew if you have an ANNUAL Cloud Subscription license.

After the subscription period expires you need to renew your subscription or FusionReactor will no longer continue to work on either the cloud or on-premise !

  • YES – we offer FusionReactor Developer Edition (1 YR SUBSCRIPTION) – this is equivalent to a FusionReactor ULTIMATE Edition – so it has all the product features available. “Developer Version” means a version or edition of the Software to be used only for design, development and evaluation purposes. Not for Production Use

YES We offer a 14-day free trial of FusionReactor Ultimate – either On-Premise or Hybrid Cloud

After 14 days, the Trial simply disables itself, without the need to uninstall it. Evaluators can turn the Trial into any full version by entering a valid license key into the On-Premise FusionReactor About page without re-installing the software.

License keys will be delivered by email following the purchase of FusionReactor or after signing up for FusionReactor Cloud. On-Premise Licenses are managed by our licensing portal https://portal.fusion-reactor.com – you will receive a login which will give you access to all the licenses in your account.

FusionReactor Cloud licenses are managed via your Cloud account.

It is possible to upgrade a previous version of FusionReactor.

For On-Premise click here for details on eligibility and pricing.   Upgrades include 12 months of software maintenance commencing from the date payment is made.

For Cloud, please refer to the billing page within your Cloud account interface.

If you have a valid SUBSCRIPTION license, you can always upgrade to the latest version.

If you have a PERPETUAL license, then this license must have current valid maintenance to be eligible to upgrade.

All NEW Perpetual licenses purchased, include 12 months of software maintenance (product updates and upgrades). Beyond this 12 month period, if you have a PAY-ONE-TIME Perpetual license, you may renew your maintenance every year.

It is always more cost effective to purchase the annual maintenance rather than upgrading individual licenses. Click here for more information on maintenance options and maintenance policy.

NO – Renewing maintenance is entirely optional – you MUST renew within 30 days of the maintenance expiry though – otherwise you will have to upgrade your license!

In some cases – depending on how old your version was it may be possible to upgrade – Click here for upgrade options