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open up a new world of monitoring capability for the same monthly price (*)

What is FusionReactor Cloud?

FusionReactor Cloud, is a hosted, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.  It adds additional capability to your existing FusionReactor application.   It uses the exact same agent – so adding this capability is as easy as updating your license key.  When you migrate to FusionReactor Cloud you also have the On-premise UI.  FusionReactor Cloud is the same subscription price as on-premise Read More on Pricing!

FusionReactor Cloud gives you these capabilities:

  • Highlights problematic (erroneous / slow) transactions
  • Access to metrics captured before a server crash
  • Access to metrics captured on a server which is now offline
  • Up to 13 months of historic metric data
  • An holistic view of your application metrics
  • Rich alerting capabilities, both for metrics and for logs alerting
  • Ability to ingest, index and search any logs
  • On-demand billing, so that you only pay for what you use
  • Future up-coming capability includes
    • Monitoring other technologies e.g. .NET, Node, C++ etc.
    • Monitoring external infrastructure e.g. external databases, K8s, Nginx, Nodes etc.

FusionReactor Cloud can be used for all environments – from standalone physical or virtual local servers to private or commercial cloud environments, such as AWS, Google Cloud running Dockers, or Containers.  Compare FusionReactor On-premise with FusionReactor Cloud.

Migrate to FusionReactor Cloud please 🙂

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Still not sure if Cloud is for you?

Compare On-premise to FR Cloudor Book a 15-minute call to discuss it with one of the sales team.

More insight, better collaboration, and deeper alerting

  • Gain better long term insight with up to 90 days worth of historical metric data available (Ultimate)
  • See a holistic view of your application, by combining individual server instance metrics to provide a single consolidated view of how your application is performing
  • Errors and slow transactions are automatically shown, saving valuable root cause analysis time
  • Store and share important data, such as stack traces, errors, and slow running transactions to review with your team and facilitate improved incident analysis
  • Never miss an issue with our fully featured alerting engine which provides seamless integration into many standard products, such as Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, Twilio, etc.

See the highlights

10-minute introduction to FusionReactor Cloud

“It has been an incredibly useful tool in optimizing our network and database.”
Jennifer H.  Senior ColdFusion Developer

*Based on current prices for FusionReactor On-Premise.


No.  FR cloud uses the exact same Java agent – simply replace your current license key with your new Cloud license key (your new key is prefixed with the word CLOUD-) and the agent will start to send data up to your cloud account.  You can continue to use your current on-premise version of FusionReactor – this will work in the same way – you don’t lose a thing, you simply gain access to FR Cloud

Yes.  Full access to the on-premise version doesn’t change – you simply get additional access to FR Cloud

FusionReactor Cloud is available in the Ultimate Edition for $79 per month/host and Enterprise Edition for $59 per month/host – this monthly price is based on an annual subscription commitment and will be charged each month and gives a saving of 20% compared to the monthly on-demand price.
If you do not wish to commit to an annual subscription, then the monthly on-demand price will be charged at Ultimate – $94 per month/host and Enterprise – $70 per month/host – Read more

The FR Cloud licensing is more flexible as it allows on-demand billing, which means that if you don’t reserve how many seats you need, then you would be billed for exactly how much time you use FusionReactor.  

Licensing for a seat is the same as we have for the on-premise version, with the difference that FR SaaS allows up to 4 Docker containers to be licensed per seat or up to 4 instances to be licensed per seat on a unique host server.  You can read more about licensing here.

If your current On-Premise subscription is managed over a ShareIT account, we will cancel this for you and you would need to enter your credit card details into FusionReactor Cloud portal – you can choose between Ultimate and Enterprise Editions and annual or monthly subscription billing.   Managing billing is much easier with FR Cloud and enables you to easily add additional servers or upgrade between different editions

This can be found on our documentation site here.

Not significantly.  Data is sent up to the cloud, but it’s compressed into small packets and shouldn’t cause any significant impact.

FR Cloud requires internet access from your server, if you have a locked down environment or cannot send data up to the cloud, then you should continue to use the on-premise implementation of FusionReactor as before.
Details of the end point configuration can be found on our documentation site here.