On-Prem to SaaS

We’re excited to let you know that you’re eligible to migrate your current FusionReactor license to our SaaS solution, which would give you these additional features for the exact same monthly price (*):

  • Gain better long term insight with up to 90 days worth of historical metric data available (Ultimate)

  • See a holistic view of your application, by combining individual server instance metrics to provide a single consolidated view of how your application is performing

  • Errors and slow transactions are automatically shown, saving valuable time in root cause analysis

  • Store and share important data, such as stacktraces, errors, and slow running transactions to review with your team and facilitate improved incident analysis

  • Never miss an issue with our fully featured alerting engine which provides seamless integration into many standard products, such as Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, Twilio etc.

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Migrate from FusionReactor On-Prem to FusionReactor Cloud (with SaaS UI)
Simply complete this form and press submit, and we will do all the rest for you. We will let you know how to get into your new account in a couple of days.

With a Cloud license, you get the best of both worlds; you get the Cloud UI with enhanced functionality, but you also get the on-prem version too at no extra cost.

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Got 10 minutes to spare – take a look at this short video, which highlights some of the key features in FusionReactor SaaS

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