CommandBox Performance Monitor

The most developer-centric means of seeing into the performance of CFML applications running on CommandBox

CommandBox Performance Monitor

CommandBox starts CF and Java servers and makes it easy to use FusionReactor to monitor those servers via this module: CommandBox CLI also integrates with FusionReactor to allow you to monitor your CLI CFML execution and Task Runners with it.

FusionReactor is the tool you need to troubleshoot the most complex application performance issues. Giving you instant insight into where issues are occurring or where your application is performing poorly.

All the insight you need from the CommandBox Performance Monitor

Deliver software faster on your Platform

Actionable insight into your Platform

Fix SQL Bottlenecks before they become an issue

Find Critical issues on your CommandBox Framework Platform

Find out instantly when things go wrong on your Platform

How to install FusionReactor using CommandBox

FusionReactor for the CommandBox CLI

If you are working on CommandBox custom commands or Task Runners and have a FusionReactor license, you can use that license to track what commands are running at the CLI, including HTTP requests and database calls. This is super handy for debugging your code at the CLI. CommandBox even reports its startup times to FusionReactor

In order to set this up, you’ll need the fusionreactor.jar in a folder somewhere. Note, you’ll probably get errors if you try to start more than once instance of the shell while FR is enabled. Also note this has nothing to do with using FR for a web server. We have a module for that-this is JUST for using FR from the CLI!

CommandBox Performance Monitor, FusionReactor