Monitor Java and go deeper into your data

FusionReactor gives you deeper metric and profiling information than any other tool

FusionReactor reduces average time to repair to under 4 hours

Improve the dev team’s productivity by finding issues faster in your app, server, or DB. FusionReactor Java APM has the unique combination of:

  • Core app, server, and DB monitoring and alerting
  • Low-level profiling and debugging tools
  • 1-click root cause analysis

Delivering incredible code level insight from low-level production instrumentation data

See why we are the Devs choice to monitor Java

Reduce down-time by finding errors and exceptions faster

A Java Monitoring (APM) solution that delivers you the telemetry to diagnose issues within your app or server

  • Transaction metrics to help you to find performance issues or errors at the code level
  • Resource metrics that enable you to troubleshoot and tune the Java environment
  • Find Memory leaks or starvation instantly

Deep dive observability allows you to monitor Java app issues

Our Java monitor allows you to go deeper into your data than any other Java APM. Our profiling tools enable you to find performance issues in your java app or server going deep into the code, thread, and memory.

  • Find deadlocks & thread contention Issues
  • Instantly profile or stack trace an individual thread to pinpoint performance, deadlock, and thread contention issues

Improve your user experience

See issues across all of the databases that are connected to your Java application and find problems before your customers do

  • Find database performance issues
  • Deep visibility in your database

Halve the time spent dealing with technical debt by instantly seeing why your Java code is breaking

Our exception monitor creates a snapshot of each exception whenever it is fired more than once.  FusionReactor will constantly monitor Java apps and will instantly deliver you the:

  • complete source code
  • stack trace
  • variable
  • environment state

The Snapshot will tell you the exact point the error occurred at the press of a button.  All recurring exceptions are captured and stored giving you the historic detail you need to fix your exceptions

Resolve issues 50% faster

36% of developers have to solve performance problems every single week and they spend between 11 and 30 hours to actually identify the problem

Survey results from DZone Performance Guide

FusionReactor customers tell us that they typically reduce time to fix to 2-4 hours