Spring Framework Performance Monitor

The most developer-centric means of seeing into the performance of Java applications running on Spring Framework

Spring Framework Performance Monitor

FusionReactor is able to monitor Java applications running on Spring Framework FusionReactor is the most developer-centric means of seeing into the performance of Java applications running on Spring Framework.

FusionReactor is the tool you need to troubleshoot the most complex application performance issues. Giving you instant insight into where issues are occurring or where your application is performing poorly.

All the insight you need from the Spring Framework Performance Monitor

Deliver software faster using your Framework

Actionable insight into your Framework Application

Fix SQL Bottlenecks before they become an issue

Find Critical issues on your Spring Framework Application

Find out instantly when things go wrong on your Spring Framework Application

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What is Spring Framework?


Spring makes programming Java quicker, easier, and safer for everybody. Spring’s focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity has made it the world’s most popular Java framework.

Spring’s flexible libraries are trusted by developers all over the world. Spring delivers delightful experiences to millions of end-users every day—whether that’s streaming TV, connected cars, online shopping, or countless other innovative solutions. Spring also has contributions from all the big names in tech, including Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and more.

Spring’s flexible and comprehensive set of extensions and third-party libraries let developers build almost any application imaginable. At its core, Spring Framework’s Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) features provide the foundation for a wide-ranging set of features and functionality. Whether you’re building secure, reactive, cloud-based microservices for the web, or complex streaming data flows for the enterprise, Spring has the tools to help.

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