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Continuous Profiling

FusionReactor database monitoring software enables the monitoring and tracking of a database’s performance. This allows users to identify and solve any potential performance issues as well as track changes in the database’s function. FusionReactor analyzes and captures all the data related to your SQL statements so you can focus on improving performance and reducing bottlenecks. See right down to which SQL statements were run, the number of rows returned and the time spent on the query.

Database monitoring tools are used by database administrators to help maintain database performance and pinpoint potential issues to

Number 1 database monitoring software for small business

Best by customer satisfaction

FusionReactor is ranked number one Database Monitoring Software for small businesses, ranked by customer satisfaction. This means that our customers put us here, and our support and product teams work very hard in maintaining our position.

Why did our customers choose FR?

FusionReactor APM review by Ben N.

Ben N.

The most powerful feature that we’ve used so far is the automatic profiling of long-running requests. This has proved to be enormously value for debugging bottlenecks as we can see exactly where the requests are being blocked by processing. With this feature, we were able to, within a single day, vastly improve the responsiveness and stability of our service.

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FusionReactor APM review by Jan J.

Jan J. Managing Director, Pixl8 GmbH

Finding performance issues is so much easier when using FusionReactor. Typically and especially in complex web applications (think MVC, layered architecture, etc.) sometimes those nasty db-query-in-loop are tough to find. Easy as pie with FR.

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FusionReactor APM review by Forrest H.

Forrest H. Solutions Architect, Auto Europe

Fusion Reactor has been key in helping us work through issues in deploying our new platform

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FusionReactor APM review by Dave L.

Dave L. The Big Kahuna and CEO, Angry Sam Productions, Inc.

If you’re having issues with slow CFML requests, I definitely recommend giving FusionReactor a try

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FusionReactor APM review by Brad W.

Brad W. Senior Application Architect, Ortus Solutions

I’ve used it to find production errors, memory leaks, and performance issues as well.

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FusionReactor APM review by noah b.

noah b. Software Engineer, SYNNEX

FusionReactor APM is without a doubt one of my best tools for real-time monitoring of my applications,

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FusionReactor APM review by Tony B.

Tony B. Software Developer and Operations, Trialsmith, Inc

Bottom line, FusionReactor saves time and development costs.

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FusionReactor APM review by Jennifer H.

Jennifer H. Senior ColdFusion Developer, Webauthor.com

We value the wide range realtime and logged metrics that are readily available. It is a tool that is used by entire IT team – from developers, to DBAs to NetOps

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