Listening to you, innovating for you: Introducing FusionReactor’s upgraded billing plans

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Listening to you, innovating for you: Introducing FusionReactor’s upgraded billing plans, FusionReactor

Significant billing plan updates for new and existing customers

At FusionReactor, we believe in the power of listening to our valued customers. Your feedback fuels our innovation, and we’ve heard you clearly. Many of you have shared how FusionReactor and OpsPilot have transformed how you approach observability, eliminating guesswork and providing clarity when solving complex issues. In response, we’re thrilled to announce significant plan updates for new and existing customers, empowering you to harness the full potential of AI-driven observability no matter your billing plan.

What’s changed?


Previously limited to 25 OpsPilot tokens, our Trial plan now includes a generous allocation of 1000 tokens. This enhancement allows trial users to experience the benefits of observability with FusionReactor fully, enabling faster issue resolution and leveraging AI for actionable insights.

Starter Plan:

For users on our Starter Plan, we’ve increased the OpsPilot token allocation from 10 to 500. This improvement ensures that even our basic plan subscribers have ample resources to leverage the power of OpsPilot to assist with taking the guesswork out of observability. Additionally, the Starter Plan now supports on-demand usage for OpsPilot, available at $20 for 250 tokens, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Pro Plan:

Our Pro Plan receives significant enhancements, increasing the provision for OpsPilot tokens and doubling that of logs and traces. Users now enjoy 5000 OpsPilot tokens, along with 100 GB of traces and logs, which will give you more insights at a reduced cost. Dive deeper into every facet of your application or infrastructure, empowering you to monitor and dissect a broader array of logs and traces. Moreover, the expanded OpsPilot AI tokens enable intuitive questioning about your applications or technology using plain English, facilitating the swift identification of issues and anomalies within your logs.

Advanced AI Plan:

Designed for developers who are serious about observability, our Advanced AI Plan boasts impressive upgrades. With a generous allocation of 20,000 OpsPilot tokens and 250 GB of traces and logs, users gain unparalleled insights and capabilities to optimize their applications effectively. Use the boosted OpsPilot tokens to navigate your system’s complexity and solve issues before they lead to downtime.

Listening to you, innovating for you: Introducing FusionReactor’s upgraded billing plans, FusionReactor

FusionReactors upgrading billing plans

At FusionReactor, your feedback is the cornerstone of our innovation. These enhancements to OpsPilot tokens and plans reaffirm our commitment to providing you with the tools and resources needed to excel in observability. With increased allocations, improved flexibility, and advanced AI capabilities, you can tackle issues proactively, drive performance improvements, and elevate your application’s reliability. We’re excited to continue this journey with you, listening, learning, and innovating together. Thank you for choosing FusionReactor. Keep of your data usage using this dashboard.