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If you need assistance with an older version of FusionReactor or anything other than installation support, you must have a valid Premium Support Incident Ticket. Fusion Premium Support is our recommended support option which can be purchased on an incident by incident basis – incidents cover things such as basic usage questions and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features.

We recommend that a 5 incident premium support pack is purchased for every 2 licenses of FusionReactor.

Premium Support is limited to the current version of FusionReactor and up to a maximum of 2 previous versions e.g. we currently support FR8, FR7 and FR6 via Premium Support

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Click here to read the Fusion Premium Support Policies.


What is FusionReactor?

FusionReactor is an application, database and server Application Performance Monitor – built for monitoring production environments running Java Applications that can run on any J2EE platform that meets the J2EE 1.6 specification or higher e.g. Wildfly, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, GlassFish and WebSphere/WebLogic (with limited support) – FusionReactor is recommended for monitoring Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee.

FusionReactor is a Java Agent.

FusionReactor is a HYBRID monitor – it consists of an “On-Premise” and “Cloud” solution. All customers have access to the On-Premise version, the Cloud version is optional.

FusionReactor has a web-based interface, refer to our system requirements fpr more information on supported environments.

How can I evaluate FusionReactor?

We offer a 14-day free trial of FusionReactor Ultimate Edition. After 14 days, the Trial simply disables itself, without the need to uninstall it. Evaluators can turn the Trial into any full version by entering a valid license key into the FusionReactor About Page without reinstalling the software.

How can I evaluate FusionReactor Cloud?

We offer a 14-day free trial of FusionReactor Cloud. After 14 days, the Trial simply disables itself, without the need to uninstall it. You need to install the same agent as FusionReactor On-Premise and setup a Cloud Account

Who should use FusionReactor?

FusionReactor is designed to empower developerssupport engineers, system administrators and DevOps. Depending on your technical role, you will benefit from using FusionReactor in different ways, such as using the low level tooling or the Crash Protection – to proactively monitor your server and maintain uptime or Root Cause Analysis – identify server issues and performance problems.   As a leading Application Performance Monitor (APM), FusionReactor will improve stability, quality and performance of your web applications.   FusionReactor provides real benefits throughout the development, testing and production lifecycle, and will prove to have a rapid return on investment. By avoiding just one bug, hang or system crash, and you almost definitely have your investment back!

What are the different editions of FusionReactor?

FusionReactor On-Premise comes in THREE product editions – Compare Editions as well as a Developer Edition (which is based on FR Ultimate).

FusionReactor Standard is suited for single server environments and gives you all the basic monitoring functionality as well as our unique Crash Protection capability.

FusionReactor Enterprise is more suited to multi-server environments. It gives you all the benefits of the Standard edition, plus the Enterprise Dashboard and Fusion Mobile functionality. The Enterprise edition is suited to environments where you would like to see the ‘health’ of all of your servers from a single window and when you require more advanced Protection features, such as Enterprise Scripting.

FusionReactor Ultimate comes with all the features of Enterprise plus our (patent pending)Production Debugger which provides amazing insight to enable you to identify issues as fast as possible in production environments
Note when you install the Free TRIAL version, you have full access to the Ultimate Edition features. The TRIAL version is for evaluation purposes and runs for 14 days. After this time it will disable itself until you enter a valid license key.

FusionReactor Cloud comes in TWO product editions – Ultimate Cloud and Enterprise Cloud. Note a FusionReactor Cloud license also entitles you to FusionReactor On-Premise.

What's the difference between FusionReactor On-Premise and FusionReactor Cloud?

FusionReactor is a HYBRID monitoring solution – which means it has an on-premise and a cloud (SaaS) component. FusionReactor On-Premise has a web based interface which runs locally. The On-Premise version is ALWAYS available when you purchase FusionReactor.

FusionReactor Cloud is available as a service and if you purchase a Cloud license, this license covers the on-premise version of FusionReactor too. FR Cloud also displays the same metrics as you can see on FR On-Premise, but it also includes some additional features, such as additional alerting, traces and access to historical information (up to 90 days in the case of FR Ultimate Cloud).

FR Cloud is available as the Enterprise and Ultimate Editions.

Does FusionReactor run on J2EE application servers?

YES. FusionReactor is a Java application that can run on any J2EE platform that meets the J2EE 1.6 specification or higher e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, GlassFish, JRUN. View a complete list of supported platforms and operating systems on our  system requirements page.

How can I find more help on FusionReactor?

We offer a wide range of resources and documentation on the FusionReactor product. Please refer to our support area which contains our Knowledge Base, links to Google groups as well as our online documentation.

What levels of support services do you offer for FusionReactor?

We offer Fusion Premium Support which is a paid support option and can be purchased on an incident by incident basis.

How can I upgrade to the latest version of FusionReactor?

If you are using a manual installation and you want to update your FusionReactor, see this documentation.

If you are using an automatic installation and you want to update your FusionReactor, see this documentation.

More information on FusionReactor updates can be found here.

What's the difference between FusionReactor and FusionAnalytics?

FusionReactor is an Application Performance Monitor, it captures metrics (instrumentation) as the server is running and it is able to store many requests online for an immediate diagnostic view about the health of your server, but it is not able to provide information about longer-term data (more than approx. 1 week) – this keeps FusionReactor compact and ensures that overhead is kept to an absolute minimum. FusionAnalytics is a visual tool for analyzing the data which has been provided by FusionReactor. FusionAnalytics loads the extensive log file data captured by FusionReactor into the FusionAnalytics DB. It then provides numerous graphs, charts, tables and reports, to visualize the data. FusionAnalytics is all about “Making IT Better” and giving you the information and data to help you make better business decisions, improve application performance and quality of your applications as well as measure exactly how your applications are performing on a continuous day to day basis.

Is it possible to monitor a remote server?

Yes it is possible to monitor a remote server as long as FusionReactor is already installed on that server.


How is FusionReactor On-Premise Licensed?

Each physical or virtual server requires one FusionReactor license – all of the instances which are installed on that server are covered by the one FusionReactor license. So, if you have (say) 6 physical boxes, then you need 6 licenses. Note, that on a single box you may have multiple instances (JRun, Tomcat, JBoss, ColdFusion) installed on it, but you still only need 1 license for that (virtual or physical) server. Virtual Machines (VM’s) are also classed as separate physical servers and therefore require a license.

If you would like to use the FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard functionality to be able to monitor all the servers from a single window, then you will need to take the FusionReactor Enterprise Edition on all the servers you wish to monitor. Therefore if you would like to monitor 3 servers with the FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard you will need 3 x FusionReactor Enterprise licenses.

How is FusionReactor Cloud Licensed?

With the advent of FusionReactor Cloud, we’ve changed how we license to accommodate a more flexible model of being able to support static and dynamic server monitoring. What this means is that you will be able to reserve a host (server) for a period of time (month – which is equal to 750 hours). You can think of this as a bucket – which can contain up to 750 hours. If you just have one server using the bucket, then it will fill over time – so that each month, the bucket is filled. If you introduce a second server, which comes online for say 24 hours within the month – then this time will also go into the bucket. When the bucket is full, then (in this case) at the end of the month you would require 24 hours extra time, which would be calculated dynamically and which you would be charged for. The dynamic rate is slightly higher than the regular planned rate.

This will make the model interesting for customers who have (say) 2 static servers and 3 dynamic servers that are coming online frequently, but not permanently – in this case, you could reserve (say) 3 servers and have the 3rd server cover the time for the 3 dynamic servers at the lower rate.

Is FusionReactor priced per CPU?

No. All FusionReactor licenses cover the whole server, irrespective of how many CPU’s the server contains.

Can I monitor a Standard Edition of FusionReactor using the Enterprise Dashboard?

It is NOT possible to monitor a FusionReactor Standard edition instance using the FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard or the Enterprise AIR Dashboard or FusionReactor Mobile. Only FusionReactor Enterprise or Ultimate editions can be monitored from the Enterprise Dashboard.

What are the differences between FusionReactor Ultimate, Enterprise and Standard Editions?

There are a number of features that are exclusive to FusionReactor Ultimate and Enterprise Editions. Refer to our comparison page for more details.

What are the advantages of purchasing FusionReactor Enterprise?

FusionReactor Enterprise edition offers you additional monitoring functionality and is the perfect choice if you would like to see the status of all of your monitored servers from a single Dashboard window. Features exclusive to the Enterprise Edition are:

  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • FusionReactor Mobile
  • AIR Enterprise Dashboard
  • Enterprise Scripting

Enterprise Scripting: trigger a script when a server becomes unresponsive, and when it becomes responsive again. This mechanism can allow you to pro-actively attempt to restart a failed server or instance, integrate FusionReactor into an existing monitoring environment or provide custom logging or reporting.

Can I buy a FusionReactor Ultimate, FusionReactor Enterprise and FusionReactor Standard together?

Yes. Say you have 3 servers and only need the Enterprise Dashboard functionality on one of them, then it’s no problem to purchase one Enterprise and two Standard editions. It is also possible to purchase one FusionReactor Ultimate, one FusionReactor Enterprise and one FusionReactor Standard or purchase any combination and quantity of any version that you need. Please note that you can ONLY monitor Enterprise Editions with the Enterprise Dashboard.

Does the edition of Adobe ColdFusion I have, effect which FusionReactor edition I should purchase?

No. You can purchase either the Ultimate, Enterprise or Standard Edition, regardless of which version of ColdFusion you currently wish to monitor.

Which editions of FusionReactor can I use with the FusionReactor Mobile or AIR Enterprise Dashboard?

These extensions only work together with Ultimate and Enterprise Editions of FusionReactor. If you have the Standard Edition and would like to upgrade

Do I have to use FusionReactor Mobile or AIR Enterprise Dashboard to monitor my server?

No, this is an add-on tool which is platform independent and allows easy integration with your desktop client, so that you can receive server issue alerts on your desktop. The functionality which is available with the Enterprise Edition of FusionReactor is not affected.

What is the process of migrating a license key to another server?

FusionReactor provides you with a quick and easy way of deactivating a license key from a server, allowing you to activate the same license key on a different server. You can see the documentation for this here.


I already own a version of FusionReactor, what are my upgrade options?

It is possible to upgrade from up to 2 versions back from the current version of FusionReactor – please refer to our upgrade page for details.


How do I view my payment and subscription information?

If you have purchased online with a Credit card it will have been through our Emerchant provider ShareIT.
Log into your ShareIT account here: From here you can edit your payment and subscription information.
If you have any questions with regards to your purchase via ShareIT please see here:


How do I get more information regarding my manual purchase?

If you have purchased by a PO, received an invoice OR paid by Bank Transfer then you will have done a Manual purchase.
Please contact us here at for any questions you may have about a manual purchase, or if you would like to pay via Bank Transfer, Cheque or Paypal.