FusionReactor Feature Panel

FusionReactor provides a wealth of information – here is just an overview of what’s available

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Web Requests/Transactions
Debugger, Memory, Thread, Code Profiler
Crash Protection
Stack Trace
System Monitor
Garbage Collection
AWS CloudWatch Integration

  • FusionReactor Web Metrics

  • JVM Memory Spaces

  • Applications Screen

  • Crash Protection Details

  • FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard

  • Crash Protection Memory Setting

  • Crash Protection Request Timeout Aborts

  • Production Debugger IDE

  • Debugger One-Click Breakpoint Set

  • Thread Visualizer

  • Email Alert Showing Stacktrace & variables

  • Memory – Heap Profiler

  • Memory Profiler Diff Compare

  • Profiled Web Requests

  • Code Profiler Details Page

  • CPU and Thread Sampler

  • Adobe ColdFusion Metrics

  • Active Session Metrics

  • Web Metrics Details

  • JDBC Request Detail Capture

  • JDBC Request History

  • Metric and Log Archive Viewer

  • Current Thread State

  • User Experience Monitoring

  • Web Requests By Memory Used

  • JDBC Requests By Highest Memory Usage

  • FusionReactor JMX MBean Monitoring

  • JMX MBean CPU Load Detail

  • Web Request Details

  • Cloud Applications View

  • Cloud Metrics Dashboard

  • Cloud Error Detail

  • Cloud Alerting Checks

  • Cloud Profile Details

  • Cloud Transactions

  • Garbage Collector Overview

  • Stack Trace Screen

  • Transaction Relations Breakdown

  • 401 Response Code Details

  • System Monitor Process Overview

  • System Metrics Screen

  • System Monitor CPU Per Core

  • Heap – Non Heap Overview

  • Active Running Thread Details

  • CPU Graph

  • Transaction Error Details

  • FusionReactor Database Breakdown View

  • FusionReactor Daily Report

  • FusionReactor Monthly Report Overview

  • FusionReactor Monthly Report Overview

  • AWS CloudWatch integration