Introducing FusionReactor CLOUD

CLOUD gives you all the benefits of FusionReactor on-premise plus extended data retention, application focused metrics and advanced alerting capability

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FusionReactor CLOUD Application Overview

Group Servers into Applications

CLOUD enables you to select server instances (say across a cluster) and form them into logical application groups. This gives you a real ‘Application’ view of what’s happening.

You can see resource, request, JDBC aggregate data for the whole application, as well as seeing individual server instances which make up the whole.

Application / Transaction breakdown

For each application being monitored, FusionReactor CLOUD will automatically break down requests into individual transactions (including automatic framework recognition).

Transactions are measured so that you can quickly gauge how much time each transaction is taking in %, on average, which are slowest, the overall request throughput and how many errors / exceptions occurred.



Advanced Alerting Capability

FusionReactor CLOUD includes advanced alerting capability, to enable you to set alerts based on different metrics available.

We have integrated support for many standard alerting tools, such as PagerDuty, Slack, HipChat, VictorOps – as well as supporting alerts via email and HTTP webhooks.

Auto Detect Important Transactions

FR CLOUD is constantly monitoring individual request to determine if they’re interesting for you e.g. slow running requests, requests which generated an error or threw an exception.

Drill into the details of these requests and even save them for review at a later date.



Pinpoint a moment in time

The CLOUD date/time picker lets you quickly and simply focus in on the event time you’re interested in.

FusionReactor Works with your Framework