Identify and resolve errors in your code up to 5X faster

FusionReactor can promptly detect errors in Java and ColdFusion applications, identify memory and CPU limitations, and uncover issues with code and SQL performance

Unlock Unparalleled Insights into Your Application Performance, Server Health, and Error Tracking

FusionReactor is a comprehensive on-premise Application Performance Management (APM) solution designed explicitly for Adobe ColdFusion and Java developers. Our powerful suite of Profilers, production-safe debugger, and innovative error-tracking feature provide unmatched visibility into your application performance, resource usage and server health. Ensuring that your applications are running at their best.

Trusted by over 5,000 companies, running on over 35,000 servers

74% of software engineers using FusionReactor have reduced issue resolution to less than 4 hours

FusionReactor points you directly at the performance issues and errors so you can fix them 5X faster

Full trace capture

Call tree information

Full method level detail

See the code causing the issue

Why choose on-premise?

  • Data Security: With an on-premise APM solution, your application and server data are kept within your internal network, making it less accessible to external threats. Cloud-based APM solutions, on the other hand, involve data transmission over the internet, which increases the risk of data interception, hacking, or unauthorized access.
  • Access Control: With an on-premise APM solution, you have more control over who has access to your data, as you can set up your security protocols and restrict access to your network. Cloud-based APM solutions, on the other hand, rely on the security measures of the cloud provider, which may not be customizable enough to meet your specific needs.
  • Compliance: Depending on your industry, you may need to comply with specific data privacy and security regulations. Using an on-premise APM solution ensures you have complete control over your data, making it easier to comply with regulations. With a cloud-based APM solution, you may have to rely on the cloud provider to meet compliance requirements.
  • Cost: On-premise solutions have a fixed cost no matter how often you use them