Reduce downtime and improve productivity in your ColdFusion app, server and DB

Recommended by Adobe, FusionReactor is the #1 ColdFusion Monitoring Solution for CF, Lucee and CFML applications

Improve productivity and instantly identify issues and bottlenecks in your ColdFusion application

Using FusionReactor to monitor ColdFusion will automatically highlight and identify issues for you.

Using the stacktrace feature gives you insight into exactly what is running, so you can easily spot bottlenecks, identify performance issues and remove ColdFusion Errors.

Reduce the average time to find issues to <4 hours

Monitor Coldfusion, FusionReactor

Reduce down-time; monitor ColdFusion in real-time

No other ColdFusion monitoring tool gives you the same level of detail, with over 40 specific ColdFusion real-time metrics, including active sessions, the number of current sessions, app scope size, hit counts, DB pool stats (detailed metrics for DSN’s) + much more. ColdFusion Metrics are available for ColdFusion 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, CF 2018 and CF 2021

ColdFusion monitoring tools that improve availability

FusionReactor’s unique Crash Protection can keep your server responding when it’s under extreme load e.g. from excessive or long-running requests or running out memory.

Improve customer experience through instant visibility into database performance

Quickly pinpoint DB performance issues, to fix problems before they become an issue for your customers

Instantly see why your code is breaking

FusionReactor’s  Event Snapshot capability will automatically pinpoint errors and gives you the complete source code, stack trace, variable and environment state at the point an error occurred. Read more

Improve performance UX and make your app run faster

See low-level insight to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks, and understand threading issues.

Production debugging for ColdFusion

Debug your ColdFusion app in production with almost zero performance impact