JBoss application performance tuning

FusionReactor goes beyond “just monitoring”, to actively minimize server downtime and accelerate time to a resolution through our JBoss application performance tuning tool; like no other JBoss application performance tuning tool on the market

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JBoss application performance tuning

FusionReactor is able to monitor Java applications running on the JBoss Java Application Server. FusionReactor is the most developer centric means of seeing into the performance of Java applications running on JBoss.

FusionReactor is the tool you need to troubleshoot the most complex of application performance issues. Giving you instant insight into where issues are occurring or where your application is performing poorly.

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Key Features for our JBoss application performance tuning

  • Production Debugger – Production Safe / User Controlled enclosed debug environment
  • Instant Code decompilation
  • Constant application availability and performance checking
  • Generate alerting for poor performance or when resource thresholds (memory/CPU) are reached
  • Isolate Long Running threads
  • Instant Deep Insight info:
    • JVM Memory Spaces
    • Heap / Non-heap memory Utilization
    • Garbage Collection
    • JDBC Transactions / Slow Running Requests
  • Detailed System Level Monitor Information
    • Server Up-Time / Environment Details
    • Currently Executing Processes
    • Network Traffic
    • Disk I/O
    • Disk Space threshold alerting

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FusionReactor is a hybridJBoss application performance tuning tool, available as on-premise and/or SaaS (Cloud-based). Four editions are on offer, Ultimate, Enterprise, Standard and Developer. The Ultimate and Developer Editions include the debugger and low-level profiling tools, Enterprise Edition allows monitoring of multiple instances and servers from a single Dashboard and Standard Edition includes all the core monitoring features. FusionReactor may be purchased as a monthly/annual subscription or as a one-time license.

JBoss application performance tuning in The Cloud

FusionReactor Cloud provides extended data retention, focus on “issue related transactions” and includes advanced alerting capability with seamless integration with tools such as Slack, PageDuty and Twilio etc.

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