Tomcat Application Performance Monitor

The most developer-centric means of seeing into the performance of applications running on Tomcat

Tomcat Application Performance Monitor

Tomcat is a critical component in any Java-based application, and monitoring its performance is essential to ensuring the stability and reliability of your application. This is where FusionReactor comes in – a comprehensive monitoring solution for Tomcat that provides real-time performance data, error tracking, and more.

Monitoring its performance with FusionReactor provides you with real-time performance data, error tracking, and advanced debugging features, helping you ensure the stability and reliability of your application.


All the insight you need from the Apache Tomcat Application Performance Monitor

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring: FusionReactor provides real-time performance data on Tomcat, including memory usage, CPU usage, and more. This helps you quickly identify and resolve performance issues before they become critical problems.
  • Error Tracking: With FusionReactor, you can track and diagnose errors in real time, making it easier to identify the root cause of any problems. It provides detailed information on the error, including stack traces, line numbers, and more.
  • Advanced Debugging Features: FusionReactor includes advanced debugging features, such as a JIT (Just-In-Time) debugger, making it easier to track down and resolve issues quickly.
  • Customizable Dashboards: FusionReactor provides customizable dashboards that allow you to monitor the performance of your Tomcat server and quickly identify any potential issues.
  • Scalable and Reliable: FusionReactor is designed to be scalable and reliable, ensuring it can handle even the largest and most complex applications.

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What is Apache Tomcat?

Tomcat is a popular open-source web server and Java Servlet Container developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is widely used for deploying Java-based applications and can handle both static and dynamic web content.

Features of Tomcat

  • Supports multiple protocols: Tomcat supports HTTP, HTTPS, and AJP protocols, making it a versatile option for web-based applications.
  • Java Servlet API compatibility: Tomcat implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP) API, providing a standard platform for Java web development.
  • High Performance: Tomcat is designed for high performance and can handle multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Easy Configuration: Tomcat is easy to install and configure, making it a popular choice for developers.
  • Open Source: Tomcat is an open-source solution, making it freely available and providing a large community of users and developers.
Tomcat Application Performance Monitor, FusionReactor

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