WildFly Application Performance Monitor

The most developer-centric means of seeing into the performance of Java applications running on WildFly

WildFly Application Performance Monitor

FusionReactor is able to monitor Java applications running on the WildFly. FusionReactor is the most developer-centric means of seeing into the performance of Java applications running on WildFly.

FusionReactor is the tool you need to troubleshoot the most complex application performance issues. Giving you instant insight into where issues are occurring or where your application is performing poorly.

All the insight you need from the Wildfly Application Performance Monitor

Deliver software faster on your Application Server

Actionable insight into your Application Server

Fix SQL Bottlenecks before they become an issue

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Find out instantly when things go wrong on your Application Server

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What is the WildFly Application Server?

Configuration in WildFly is centralized, simple and user-focused. The configuration file is organized by subsystems that you can easily comprehend and no internal server wiring is exposed. All management capabilities are exposed in a unified manner across many forms of access. These include a CLI, a web-based

administration console, a native Java API, an HTTP/JSON based REST API, and a JMX gateway. These options allow for custom automation using the tools and languages that best fit your needs.

WildFly does classloading right. It uses WildFly Modules to provide true application isolation, hiding server implementation classes from the application and only linking with JARs your application needs. Visibility rules have sensible defaults, yet can be customized. The dependency resolution algorithm means that classloading performance is not affected by the number of versions of libraries you have installed.

WildFly takes an aggressive approach to memory management. The base runtime services were developed to minimize heap allocation by using common cached indexed metadata over duplicate full parses, which reduces heap and object churn. The administration console is 100% stateless and purely client driven. It starts instantly and requires zero memory on the server. These optimizations combined enable WildFly to run with stock JVM settings and also on small devices while leaving more headroom for application data and supports higher scalability.

WildFly implements the latest in enterprise Java standards from Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile. These improve developer productivity by providing rich enterprise capabilities in easy to consume frameworks that eliminate boilerplate and reduce technical burden. This allows your team to focus on the core business needs of your application. By building your application on standards you retain the flexibility to migrate between various vendor solutions.

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