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Ultimate Insight – Ultimate Issue Identification – Ultimate Performance

Production Debugger – Instantly identify issues

The Production Debugger is safe, secure and has minimal overhead. It gives you all the control you need to interact with your production environment as issues unfold. The insight it provides will revolutionize how you identify problems.
The debugger can also send out an email, containing the complete stack trace PLUS all the scope variables which were set at the moment the breakpoint trigger fires.

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FusionReactor Production Debugger IDE
FusionReactor Production Debugger IDE
FusionReactor Java server monitor: Web Metrics Page

Code Profiler – Isolate Performance Problems in our SPM download

FusionReactor’s integrated low-overhead Code Profiler – is the perfect tool for identifying poorly performing code in your production environment. Long-running requests are automatically profiled and stored for later analysis.
You can profile any requests or transactions which are running on the JVM – e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, WildFly, Glassfish, Jetty etc. ColdFusion applications can also be profiled.
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Event Snapshot – Automated Root Cause Analysis

The Event Snapshots in our Automated Root Cause Analysis tools are intended to provide deep-level insight whenever a problem, such as an exception or thread latency occurs. Snapshots are triggered automatically. The Event Snapshot displays source code, scope variables, stack trace and logging information at the point the problem occurs; providing everything you need to isolate the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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FusionReactor Event Snapshot - Automated Root Cause Analysis
Event Snapshots – Automated Root Cause Analysis
FusionReactor Thread Visualizer

Real-time Thread Visualizer

FusionReactor Debug production code tools feature an integrated low-overhead Thread Visualizer is the perfect tool for seeing real-time thread activity and current state. This allows you to instantly identify blocked threads, as well as allowing you to instantly perform a stack-trace or profile of any thread.

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Memory Profiler – Spot Memory Leaks

Ultimate Edition of our Debug production code tools features a unique Memory (Heap) Profiler which will let you quickly spot memory issues by using the Memory Profiler to take individual snapshots of the heap and save these locally. A memory snapshot captures profiling data on allocated objects and memory used. Snapshots can easily be compared and differences highlighted to analyze memory usage

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FusionReactor Memory - Heap Profiler
FusionReactor Memory – Heap Profiler