JVM Performance tools

Find performance issues in your JVM

JVM performance tools

In complex applications, APIs and coding practices are used to scale the application. To ensure the smooth running of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the application must be monitored using JVM performance tools to ensure it is running properly.

As the most comprehensive Java Virtual Machine performance monitoring tool, FusionReactor helps to monitor every aspect of JVM performance, including heap and non-heap memory information. It also offers threads and thread dumps monitoring with a Java thread profiler.

JVM performance tools

  • The only production-grade APM solution
  • Low-level insight to quickly and efficiently
  • JVM profilers will identify and resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Troubleshoot JVM performance issues faster
  • Pin down memory leaks, and understand threading issues

Continuous code profiling

  • Pinpoint performance bottlenecks in your JVM
  • Super low overhead JVM performance profiler
  • Instant insight into how your application is performing, right down at the method level

Continuous memory profiler

The Java Virtual Machine garbage collection mechanism is used to free up memory for Java programs. FusionReactors JVM monitor helps keep an eye on the Java Virtual Machine’s garbage collection time, heap memory, threads, and other core metrics.

  • Detailed insight into Java memory spaces and the garbage collector
  • Real-time heap utilization to quickly spot possible memory leaks or excessive object creation in your JVM

Continuous CPU profiler

  • Explore which threads are running in the JVM
  • How much CPU they are using, and the current thread state
  • Continuous profiling and stack trace analysis allows performance issues to be quickly and efficiently tracked down

Continuous thread profiler

Our Java thread profiler allows you to perform thread dump analysis to quickly discover what’s causing your applications to degrade in performance. You can identify and isolate the problem with:

  • Thread contentions
  • Deadlocks
  • CPU spikes
  • JVM crashes
  • Memory leaks and memory freezes
  • Abnormally slow processing performance