A collaborative ColdFusion consultancy process

Our ColdFusion consultant will work remotely with your development team

Using screen sharing tools we will work with your developers in locating the issues.  You will not need to give us direct access to your server, our consultants will guide you through the process of locating the problems and implementing the solution.

An Iterative Consultancy Process

  1. Understand what your issues are
  2. Identify what diagnostics are available that may help us to identify your issue. We can look at your app server, web server, and database, and any external monitoring tools that you use (such as FusionReactor)
  3. Look together through the diagnostics to find the possible root cause.
  4. Gather further data if required and implement any additional free tools that might help
  5. Identify what is causing the issues
  6. Agree and implement possible remedies
  7. Monitor then agree that the issue is solved
  8. Repeat the process and identify any fresh problems that may have arrived that were masked by the original problem

Understand Which Preventative Measures You Could Have In Place

  • Understand how to use the diagnostics that you have available
  • Learn which configuration setting can impact performance
  • Explore other opportunities for application improvement such as
    • Performance and tuning of requests, queries, JVM
    • Updates of the app server, JVM, web connector
    • Improvements to security
    • Assisting with planned upgrades to new versions or new platforms, etc.