Adobe ColdFusion: important upgrades and CF Summit East 2024

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Adobe ColdFusion: important upgrades and CF Summit East 2024, FusionReactor

We’re here to share some important news for all our ColdFusion users. Adobe has recently rolled out significant updates for ColdFusion, and we’re eager to share how these enhancements can benefit your work. Plus, we have an exciting announcement about the upcoming Adobe ColdFusion Summit!

Adobe’s latest ColdFusion updates: What you need to know

Adobe’s continuous commitment to security and performance is evident in the latest releases for ColdFusion 2023 (Update 7) and ColdFusion 2021 (Update 13). These updates address critical vulnerabilities and bring several improvements that can significantly enhance your development experience.

Key enhancements include:

  1. Scope Variable Changes: Enhanced functionality for optimized performance.
  2. CFDocument Updates: Upgrades for smoother document handling.
  3. Major Library Upgrades: Keeping your application’s backbone strong and secure.
  4. CKEditor Changes: Enhanced editing features for a better user experience.

We recommend all CF users install these updates to maintain a secure and efficient development environment.

Ready to upgrade?

  • Download the ColdFusion 2023 (Update 7).
  • Download the ColdFusion 2021 (Update 13).

This is for all other Adobe ColdFusion updates and resources.

Adobe ColdFusion: important upgrades and CF Summit East 2024, FusionReactor

Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2024

We’re also excited to announce that FusionReactor will be featured at the upcoming Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2024! This is a great opportunity to sharpen your expertise, learn about new features and best practices, and network with the ColdFusion community.

CF veteran troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will present FusionReactor, showcasing how it can optimize your ColdFusion applications for better efficiency, security, and performance.

Why attend?

  • Get first-hand insights into Adobe’s ColdFusion roadmap.
  • Master new features and best practices.
  • Learn about successful ColdFusion implementations.
  • Network with peers and industry leaders.
  • Discover practical implementation strategies.

Admission is FREE, but space is limited. Register today to secure your spot!

Adobe Certified Professional for Adobe ColdFusion

Before the summit, consider joining the Adobe Certified Professional program for ColdFusion on April 23rd. This is an excellent opportunity to validate your expertise and enhance your career in the ColdFusion domain.

Register now to take your ColdFusion skills to the next level!

We look forward to seeing you at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2024 and exploring how FusionReactor and ColdFusion can drive your success further.