How FusionReactor APM streamlines development for small businesses

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Wie FusionReactor APM die Entwicklung für kleine Unternehmen optimiert

How FusionReactor APM streamlines development for small businesses

David B, a small business owner, shares his journey with FusionReactor APM, illustrating how it has become an essential part of his development toolkit since transitioning from FusionDebug in 2013.

Seamless transition and real-time insights

David began his experience with interactive debugging in Eclipse using FusionDebug and found a seamless transition to FusionReactor with the shift to VSCode. What stands out in his daily use is the web metrics page of FusionReactor, which provides informative and real-time graphs. These visual tools are enhancements and vital for watching applications perform in real-time and drilling down into slow requests to optimize performance.

Discoveries that make a difference

The ability to drill deep into each process is something David finds invaluable. “Every process of every app should go through FusionReactor,” he says, highlighting the tool’s capability to uncover surprising elements that slow down applications. This level of detail is crucial for businesses that aim to maintain peak performance in their software offerings.

Overcoming the initial learning curve

David acknowledges there is a learning curve associated with FusionReactor, especially for those unfamiliar with the workings of the JVM. However, he notes that once the initial hurdle is overcome, using FusionReactor becomes smooth sailing. His advice to new users is to invest time in understanding the basics, which pays off immensely in the long term.

Tangible benefits and improved efficiency

The practical benefits of FusionReactor for David have been substantial. From improving response times to identifying excessive memory use, FusionReactor has equipped him to enhance his applications significantly. The tool has helped optimize his apps and prevented potential crashes by allowing timely interventions.

A must-have tool for developers

David strongly believes in the value of FusionReactor and that it should be a standard inclusion in every version of ColdFusion. This sentiment underscores the tool’s effectiveness and essential status in its development environment.


For small businesses and developers, FusionReactor APM offers more than just monitoring; it provides a comprehensive suite of tools that empower users to understand and improve their applications deeply. David B.’s experience is a testament to how FusionReactor can transform application development and maintenance.

We are grateful to David for his detailed feedback and are inspired by his success story to continue improving FusionReactor APM.