FusionReactor Developer Edition – Ultimate features and insight

Using Production Debugger to set a conditional break point in a ColdFusion loop
FusionReactor Wins FeeFo Gold Trusted Merchant 2017 Award

Our “typical” FusionReactor customer is generally a techie, usually a software programmer who is either developing on, or is responsible for an application.  About 25% of the time, our customers come from IT management, operations or DevOps positions.    What we hear time and time again, is how useful FusionReactor is at pinpointing issues, whether it be performance bottlenecks, memory problems or some weird almost impossible to find issue which is causing their application to crash, seemingly at random – yes, FusionReactor can find those issues too.   Customers praise the product for its ability to provide “real-time” insight into what’s happening, as it’s happening.     Perfect.  This is exactly what we wanted and was always the original intention of the product.    When we very first built FusionReactor, we wanted a tool to help us discover what was really going on inside our production application, inside the ColdFusion black box, so that we could get to the root of the problem and fix it.   In fact, the slogan for FusionReactor – “Find it, Fix it, Prevent it” is a relevant today, as it was in 2005 when FusionReactor was first released.

As you may be aware, with the release of FusionReactor 6 we introduced a new Edition – Ultimate, which featured the Production Debugger, Production Profiler and will soon include a production safe Memory Analyzer.   These tools are ‘not’ typically associated with a monitoring solution – in fact, I don’t believe there is any other monitoring tool on the market which boasts a debugger as part of its feature set.    So why did we decide to ‘include’ these capabilities as part of our monitoring solution?   Well, when something breaks in production, we believe that developers need real-time insight and transparency into what the application is actually doing at the point that it’s breaking – in production.    FusionReactor caters to this need by means of the Stack Trace, which highlights the method and line of code where the application is currently “stuck”.   This is extremely useful – but it’s not as useful as being able to debug or profile the code.   In order to rapidly pinpoint production issues we believe developers need additional tooling which is actually closer to what they would use in their development/test environments i.e. a debugger, profiler and memory analyzer.   All these tools are integrated into FusionReactor Ultimate.

FusionReactor Ultimate Edition is designed to give the level of detail software engineers need to get to the actual root of the issue and the additional low-overhead production-grade tools will give engineers access to detailed information they need to “deep-dive” & quickly figure out the hard stuff developers need to fix.

With the introduction of FusionReactor Developer Edition, we’re providing a tool which can be used in development and test environments (*) to help you to pinpoint issues and performance bottlenecks before applications are deployed to production.    The Developer Edition is available as an annual subscription license, which means that you’re entitles to all updates and upgrades of the product.   Click here to read more or here to purchase.

(*) FusionReactor Developer Edition enables you to develop, test, evaluate and analyze applications which are running in a non-production environment.  The Developer Edition may not be used to monitor an application which is running in a live or stand-by production environment or staging environment, in each case, including, without limitation, in any environment accessed by application end- users, including, but not limited to, servers, workstations, kiosks, and mobile computers.