Introducing OpsPilot – The first GenAI observability assistant

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What is an observability assistant?

At FusionReactor, we intimately understand the challenges of on-call duties, having navigated those high-pressure scenarios ourselves. Our zeal for innovation is unwavering as we continuously seek ways to elevate the daily workflows of engineers, especially within the domain of incident response management. Therefore, we are delighted to introduce the OpsPilot Assistant—an industry trailblazer, now fully released and production-ready AI diagnostic tool—as the backbone of FusionReactor’s capabilities.

OpsPilot observability Assistant opens up a world of possibilities. You can initiate a sequence of automated system assessments, quickly surfacing potential issues across your entire environment. Alternatively, you can pose a question, and OpsPilot will dive deep into your system, presenting insights beyond raw data—they’re context-aware. With this insightful perspective from OpsPilot, you’ll be well-equipped to rapidly identify the root of any challenge and optimize your resolution process for maximum efficiency. OpsPilot uniquely converts intricate application landscapes into clear and meaningful conversations, delivering real-time insights at the speed of thought.

OpsPilot: Your 24/7 on-demand team of experts

Having OpsPilot in your toolkit is akin to having a team of experts at your beck and call around the clock. It’s like having an army of specialists, each well-versed in every facet of your technology stack, always ready to assist you. This unique feature brings immeasurable value, offering expertise that spans your entire stack. Whether you’re dealing with intricate code issues, performance hiccups, or complex system interactions, OpsPilot’s collective knowledge empowers you to navigate confidently. It’s not just a tool; it’s your trusted companion, ensuring expert guidance is just a click away whenever you need it, day or night.

Benefits of using OpsPilot Assistant

  • Efficiency: OpsPilot automates routine system checks and issue detection, saving IT and operations teams valuable time. You can Focus on more strategic tasks rather than manual monitoring.
  • Proactive issue detection & reduced downtime: The assistant continuously monitors your environment and detects potential problems before they escalate into critical incidents. This proactive approach helps prevent downtime and service disruption.
  • Swift issue resolution: OpsPilot provides real-time insights and actionable recommendations, enabling faster troubleshooting and issue resolution. Engineers can identify the root cause of problems more quickly.
  • Consistency: OpsPilot ensures that system checks and monitoring processes are consistently applied, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring compliance with best practices.
  • Cost savings: OpsPilot can save time and resources by automating tasks and reducing downtime.
  • 24/7 availability: OpsPilot operates around the clock, providing continuous monitoring and support, even during off-hours or when team members are unavailable.

Where do I find OpsPilot Assistant?

The OpsPilot Assistant, with its continuous and comprehensive knowledge, is your ever-present and trusted helper. It effortlessly integrates into the main screen’s functionality, allowing you to access its wealth of insights easily. The ingenious concept behind the slider is its unobtrusive presence, meaning OpsPilot is always ready to assist without getting in the way. Whether you interact with OpsPilot through the slider or explore its intuitive integration points, you’ll find it ready and accessible. In the grand scheme of our cloud platform, the OpsPilot Assistant serves as the central hub, around which other features are intricately woven to create a seamless and dynamic user experience.

Introducing OpsPilot – The first GenAI observability assistant, FusionReactor

Simplified user experience with custom templates 

The OpsPilot Assistant takes the complexity out of monitoring your application: custom templates and automatic questions are built into the system. These conversation templates consist of carefully designed questions to simplify the monitoring process, making it effortless for users to gather crucial insights and track performance metrics. Whether you’re new to monitoring or a seasoned professional, these intuitive tools help streamline your workflow, ensuring that you have the correct data at your fingertips to assess your application’s health and swiftly address any issues that may arise. With OpsPilot, monitoring your application becomes efficient and exceptionally user-friendly.

The OpsPilot Assistant currently has the following custom templates:

Introducing OpsPilot – The first GenAI observability assistant, FusionReactor

What can OpsPilot do? 

OpsPilot can provide real-time status updates and comprehensive overviews, ensuring you are always informed about the health and performance of your systems using various capabilities. These include but are not limited to the following:

Introducing OpsPilot – The first GenAI observability assistant, FusionReactor

Tailor queries that matter to you

In the dynamic world of cloud management, tailoring your questions to OpsPilot is your ticket to unlocking a world of insights. What sets OpsPilot apart is its unparalleled ability to know and see everything within your environment. Whether you’re delving into the specifics of CPU usage for a particular service, seeking real-time alerts, or investigating performance issues within a specific component, OpsPilot is your omniscient companion. You can even ask it to check for errors in your application store or create a customized dashboard to visualize your database usage. The beauty of OpsPilot lies in its adaptability; it allows you to ask the questions that matter most to you, ensuring that the insights you receive are relevant and tailored to your unique needs. With OpsPilot, your questions become a gateway to a more efficient, informed, and proactive approach to cloud management.

Introducing OpsPilot – The first GenAI observability assistant, FusionReactor

Guided on your FusionReactor journey


Application performance monitoring can appear formidable, particularly for those setting foot in it for the first time. However, with OpsPilot Assistant, FusionReactor leads the way in transforming this daunting landscape into an accessible and enjoyable journey. Bid farewell to the overwhelming complexity of monitoring; OpsPilot simplifies the learning curve and serves as your affable guide.


In summary, OpsPilot Assistant isn’t just a tool; it’s a groundbreaking solution you’ve long awaited. It streamlines your observability and elevates your troubleshooting capabilities, delivering insights that can reshape your experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cloud professional or a newcomer, OpsPilot is your steadfast companion on this transformative journey. It’s more than managing your cloud environment; it’s about thriving.

Are you ready to experience the marvel of OpsPilot Assistant firsthand? Dive in and uncover the future of full stack observability with FusionReactor’s pioneering release.