New beta release – log alerting

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Our most powerful alerting engine

Log Alerting is now in beta and all beta users will immediately have access to this powerful query-based alerting engine. Set alerts on FusionReactor logs and ingested third-party logs.

Your log data can be used to set powerful alerts, including:

  • Alerts if a particular log event happens
  • Alerts based on the rate of change within a value
  • Alerts on the count of logs of a particular type
  • Alerts based on metrics contained in your logs

Alerting when you need it and how you need it

Send alerts to a number of subscriptions including:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Pagerduty
  • Ops Genie
  • Webhooks

For more information visit the documentation.

New beta release – log alerting, FusionReactor

Join our beta program

Log alerting is now part of our beta program but will be in production shortly. To find out what’s next in our pipeline register for our next webinar.