Whats new in FusionReactor – Part 2

FusionReactor’s game-changing new Oracle Database integration
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We’re reshaping application observability

Delve into FusionReactor’s advanced monitoring and integrative capabilities. From our cutting-edge OracleDB Monitor and tailored Custom Dashboards to real-time IIS integration, we’re reshaping application observability. Additionally, with updates like enriched Kubernetes monitoring and our adaptive Observability Agent leveraging the OpenTelemetry framework, users gain unprecedented depth into performance metrics. Anticipate more innovations, including our AI-powered Deep toolset for root cause analysis, a revamped Server view, and proactive anomaly detection to ensure seamless application experiences. As your applications evolve, FusionReactor remains your steadfast partner in monitoring and optimization.

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1 – OracleDB monitor

Introducing the latest advancement in monitoring capabilities — FusionReactor’s cutting-edge integration with Oracle Database which uses metrics you can easily send to FusionReactor using the Observability Agent. Seamlessly embedded within the FusionReactor ecosystem, the Oracle DB Monitor offers comprehensive visibility into critical database metrics, query execution times, resource utilization, and more. Try FusionReactor’s Oracle Database integration to collect key performance metrics on databases, tablespaces, and memory by default and experience firsthand the transformative potential of enhanced Oracle monitoring. Or why not try one of the many other integrations available with FusionReactor including MySQL, MSSQL, IIS, Kafka, RabbitMQ,  Redis, ElasticSearch and many more. 

Whats new in FusionReactor – Part 2, FusionReactor

2 – Custom Dashboards

In the latest update of FusionReactor, we are excited to introduce our new feature – Custom Dashboards. This powerful tool, available only to those on a Pro AI or Advanced AI Plan, allows users to create their own personalized dashboards, providing a tailored view of their application’s performance metrics. Users can now monitor the metrics that matter most to them, all in one place. The customizable dashboards enable users to add, remove, and rearrange metrics according to their needs. This feature aims to enhance user experience by providing a more streamlined and efficient way to monitor applications.

Whats new in FusionReactor – Part 2, FusionReactor

3 – IIS integration 

FusionReactor now has an IIS integration that uses metrics you can easily send to FusionReactor using the Observability Agent. By integrating IIS, you can capture and analyze streaming data in real time, enabling you to monitor the health, performance, and behavior of your IIS infrastructure effectively. Get full visibility into your IIS deployment with FusionReactor.



In our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, we’re pleased to present a continuity update for FusionReactor within the Kubernetes integration. With this update, users who upgrade to the latest kube-prometheus chart can now seamlessly continue shipping crucial data to FusionReactor Cloud. This enhancement empowers businesses to stay ahead in their monitoring and optimization strategies as they harness the power of Kubernetes while leveraging FusionReactor’s insights.

Observability Agent 

FusionReactor has implemented a feature update that allows the Observability Agent to capture metrics (quantitative performance data) and traces (detailed records of interactions) using the OpenTelemetry framework. Our latest update removes the need for a dedicated OTel collector and ensures a more straightforward setup. This collection of metrics and traces helps monitor and analyze the application’s performance, diagnose issues, and gain insights into how the software behaves in production. 

Coming soon

Enhanced server views

 We’re excited to unveil the latest enhancements to FusionReactor’s Servers view, designed to elevate your monitoring and troubleshooting experience. Our team has diligently worked to make the server’s view more transparent and more accessible than ever before. With a refreshed interface, intuitive navigation, and streamlined information presentation, gaining insights into your server’s performance has never been easier. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your journey, you’ll appreciate the enhanced visibility into key metrics, real-time updates, and advanced analytics, all thoughtfully organized for effortless comprehension. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a reimagined Servers view that empowers you to optimize your application’s performance efficiently.

Whats new in FusionReactor – Part 2, FusionReactor


FusionReactor is in the process of adding an insightful tool for developers to the platform. The new Deep integration will provide AI-powered root cause analysis to help solve issues quickly and instantly debug in production without requiring restart or redeploying. With Deep, your team can concentrate on delivering innovative features rather than spending valuable time debugging.

Anomaly detection

Ensuring optimal performance is paramount in the ever-evolving landscape of software applications and systems. As modern infrastructures become more complex, detecting anomalies and potential issues in real time is crucial for maintaining smooth and reliable user experiences. This is where anomaly detection in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) comes into play. In light of this, we are pleased to announce that FusionReactor will soon add anomaly detection to our platform. This upcoming feature allows corrective actions to be quickly taken to prevent potential issues before they cause problems or unnecessary downtime. FusionReactor’s anomaly detection service utilizes the PyOD library. It is specifically designed to automatically detect anomalies in time series data without needing labeled data or setting up your alerts. 

Whats new in FusionReactor – Part 2, FusionReactor

What is FusionReactor?


As technology advances, viewing your entire system and getting full-stack observability is more critical than ever. To do this, you require three key data types: metrics, logs, and traces. However, it is not enough to merely collect this telemetry data. You must understand the relationships between data points to solve issues quickly, and for this, you need FusionReactor.

FusionReactor is a full-stack observability solution that creates and maintains deep visibility into these relationships. With FusionReactor, you can effortlessly analyze, visualize, and troubleshoot your entire system all in one place. Using FusionReactor, you can quickly investigate and pinpoint issues and performance bottlenecks. We help you to put your system health in context by swiftly locating and eliminating issues to create a more consistent end-user experience. 

In essence, FusionReactor is a testament to the future of advanced application monitoring. By seamlessly melding state-of-the-art integrations with user-centric innovations, it promises insight and foresight into application performance. As the digital landscape evolves, FusionReactor remains committed to delivering unparalleled observability and optimization solutions for its users.

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