FusionReactor: Go beyond Monitoring

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FusionReactor: Go beyond Monitoring, FusionReactor
What do you like best?

At its core FusionReactor is just like any other performance monitoring tool with its’ Measuring transaction of Memory and CPU Usage, alerting you for performance issues. But It goes beyond with the help of FusionReactor built-in debugger and profiler it looks for where and why problems are occurring. Especially for ColdFusion apps.

Data Visualization, Response time and Alerts are some of the very useful database monitoring features for Database administrators.

What do you dislike?

As a tool FusionReactor have no major flaws it does what it’s best at. But all those extra nitty gritty very useful features come at a higher subscription price. It isn’t much if you’re big organization, but it can restrict your capabilities if you’re in a small organisation.

Other than that it’s a wonderful tool for performance monitoring.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

It’s not just about monitoring but it’s more about solving possible major blocks to your application or services. It simply makes life easy for developers to exactly know the source of a problem. Look no further for your application monitoring tool, this is more than that.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It simply just reduce our time in pinpointing the problems and their source, CPU and memory optimization has also improved. Dashboard for individual server helps us in managing multiple server. It recognizes sessions and how users are navigating through your application.

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