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FusionReactor: Go beyond Monitoring
What’s new in 8.2

Event season is nearly here and this year we are sponsoring ColdFusion events both in Europe and across the pond. We are Platinum Sponsor of CF Summit in Las Vegas  1st and 2nd October then the Silver sponsor of CF Camp 17th and 18th October; in Munich. 

Moving to November we are Innovator Sponsor at Velocity in Berlin.  For anyone wanting tickets; use the voucher code FusionReactor25 and get 25% off your Gold, Silver or Bronze passes – this could save you some serious money!

FR Sponsor key CF events, FusionReactor

On Day one highlights

Matthew Clemente discusses building a CF docker swarm and Eric Peterson looks at utilizing reusable code through Coldbox modules. Bruno Zagay looks forward to the Super Bowl and explains how you should prepare for extra traffic.

Day 2 highlights

FusionReactor CEO David Tattersall explains how you can find performance issues in your CF code. Watch our good friend Charlie Arehart tell you how to get started with CF Docker containers.

As more CF developers look for cloud integration Brian Klass takes a look at AWS and how you control it.

FR Sponsor key CF events, FusionReactor

There’s lots going on at CF Camp. Once Again Charlie Arehart makes a guest appearance as he takes a detailed look at monitoring solutions for CF and Lucee.

If you’re suffering performance and stability problems, there’s no substitute for having SOME kind of monitoring in place. But there are quite a variety of monitoring solutions available for ColdFusion and Lucee. How do you choose? (Or are they “all the same”? No!)

Brad Wood takes a look at solving common problems with common solutions using design patterns.

How unique is the problem you’re coding for right now? What’s the chance it’s been solved hundreds, maybe thousands of times? Is your solution the best way? You’ve no doubt heard other developers talk about using “design patterns”. These are reusable solutions to the problems that we all face as developers. The best thing is that most patterns can carry over from one language to another. It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with these common solutions so you identify them and know when you plug them into your apps.