What’s new in 8.2

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FusionReactor 8.2 has now been released; this release has been modelled around user feedback.

what is LDAP?

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a client/server protocol used to access and manage directory information. It reads and edits directories over IP networks and runs directly over TCP/IP using simple string formats for data transfer. It was originally developed as a front end to X.500 Directory Access Protocol.

LDAP tends to be used by larger enterprises, Government and Education sectors, but anyone can use it. 

What it means for FusionReactor users that already use LDAP / Active Directory  is the ability to have multiple logins and roles. So in a nutshell; no more sharing passwords with your colleagues.

Spring Boot is now one of the most popular Java Frameworks

What’s new in 8.2, FusionReactor

As more developers are adopting the use of microservices we have taken a long look at which ones we support. It makes sense to support the most popular. In recent years the growth of Spring Boot has been incredible and it was therefore a no brainer to ensure that we fully support it.

We have been supporting both the Spring Framework and Play frameworks for a number of years.

okHTTP is a faster alternative to HTTPClient

What’s new in 8.2, FusionReactor

okHTTP is better for HTTP 2.0 calls and many frameworks are moving to this. okHTTP is faster than HTTPClient as it only supports the new standards. Once again many of our FR clients have asked us to look at finding a faster alternative to HTTPClient and we believe okhttP is the answer.

Micronaut is a new java framework

Micronaut is a modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications. Just like Grizzly, Jersey and Spring Boot, Micronaut makes writing microservices really easy. Micronaut’s Cloud support is built right in, including support for common discovery services, distributed tracing tools, and cloud runtimes.

What’s new in 8.2, FusionReactor