FusionReactor is the best thing to ever happen to CFML

Very solid product, indispensable during debugging
Fusion-Reactor is a must-have for Java and ColdFusion admins
FusionReactor is the best thing to ever happen to CFML, FusionReactor

FusionReactor is the best thing to ever happen to CFML

What do you like best?

FusionReactor allows me to monitor and quickly troubleshoot my ColdFusion and Lucee servers. You simply should not run an enterprise-grade ColdFusion application without it. I has saved me so much time getting to root cause faster. More uptime for my customers, more free time for me. On rare occasions I have had to reach out to Intergral for service or support, hands down, best support in the business. It’s also reasonably priced, with many flexible licensing options available. Worth every penny.

What do you dislike?

Sometimes things are not where I expect them to be in the GUI.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Production web applications are incomplete without FusionReactor. Go ahead and install a cheaper subscription if you need it, or even a trial. That way it will be installed when you need it.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

FusionReactor helps me determine where the problem lies, whether it be web server, traffic, Java, or database. I’ve solved all sorts of problems with FusionReactor over the last 10 years. It’s also the go-to for our 24×7 monitoring team, allowing us to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose issues quickly.

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