Obfuscation added to log monitoring

FusionReactor 8.x Release Notes
Understanding Metrics in OpenTelemetry (OTel) API

Obfuscation in logs is now in beta

Passwords, credit card information, and API keys are automatically obfuscated in logs sent from FR. However, should you have switched obfuscation in logs off in the UI, then you may need to manually obfuscate them.

You can create multiple obfuscation rules, allowing obfuscation to occur on different file groups and text patterns.

Description Log Pattern Regex Pattern Replace Value
Remove any password in any log file *.log .*passw.*[a-z]=.* passwordRedacted
Remove any auth values from any access log *access.log .*auth.*[a-z]=.* authRedacted
Remove any IP address in Nginx logs /opt/nginx/* .*client_ip\:.* ipRedacted
Remove any credit card information from FusionReactor logs /instance/tomcat/logs/* ^(?:4[0-9]{12}(?:[0-9]{3})? cardInfo

Logs generated by the FusionReactor agent are shipped automatically to the cloud with no additional configuration required. You can prevent logs from FR from being sent to the cloud through blacklisting. This is good if you wish to save data or have security worries. Blacklisting is easy and, uses regex pattern matching. See our docs for how to do this.

Join our beta program

Log monitoring and obfuscation in logs are currently part of our beta program but will be in production shortly. To find out what’s next in our pipeline register for our next webinar.