Webinar – Distributed tracing and on-prem observability

Benefits of observability and monitoring
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Introducing Distributed tracing and on-prem observability

In this webinar, Nick and Mikey will give an update on where FusionReactor is in its Observability journey.

  • We will talk about using metrics, logs, and tracing in a smart way to help you work more efficiently 
  • We will be taking a quick look at how OpenTelemetry will enhance FusionReactor
  • Mikey will introduce Cloud’s new capabilities, demonstrating the power of combining metrics, traces, and logs in a distributed environment and showing how these enhanced capabilities will supercharge FusionReactor. 

What’s coming in on-prem

We will take a look into the not too distant future, we will be looking at on-premise observability and how metrics tracing and log monitoring can be achieved in a locked-down on-prem environment.

When is it?

March 24th 2022

4pm GMT

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