2015 Wrap-Up – hello FR6 and Happy Birthday FusionReactor !

Announcing FusionReactor 6 – the wait is over !
FusionReactor 5.x Release Notes

What a year 2015 has been – I just wanted to share some of the highlights we’ve achieved :

1. We launched FusionReactor 6 – with loads of new features – some significant performance improvements as well as the new ULTIMATE Edition with the Production Debugger
2. We applied for our first ever patent – which was actually for the Production Debugger
3. Sold our 25,000’th FusionReactor license
4. FusionReactor was 10 YEARS OLD in December 2015
5. Rolled out FusionReactor CLOUD Beta – which is currently hosting over 1000 server instances !
6. Sponsored a number of events, including dev.Objective(); Into The Box in Minneapolis, CFCAMP in Munich, Germany, Velocity in New York & the Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas
7. Launched the new FusionReactor website – https://www.fusion-reactor.com
8. Introduced a FusionReactor Developer Edition (will post a separate article on this)
9. Launched FeeFo independent review service for FR – see Customer Reviews for the current score https://www.fusion-reactor.com/customer-reviews/
10. Look out 2016 – with the planned launch of FusionReactor CLOUD + lots of new goodies planned for FusionReactor – it’s going to be VERY BUSY

Finally, as the end of the year rapidly approaches I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the holiday season and good health, happiness and success for 2016.

Best Wishes,

David Tattersall

CEO Intergral – makers of FusionReactor Application Performance Monitor