FusionReactor 5.x Release Notes

2015 Wrap-Up – hello FR6 and Happy Birthday FusionReactor !
Transaction Memory Values Explained

FusionReactor Rev. 5.x


Status: 14-April-2015

Welcome to FusionReactor!

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These Release Notes describe what is contained in this release, provide
late-breaking news, and list additional documentation for the software.

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Key Issue Type Summary
FR4021 Bug License status is not updated if lease has expired (e.g. after dehibernation or loss of connection)
FR4801 Bug Instance Manager removed railo agent when installing FR
FR4802 Bug Instance Manager patches the wrong line (comments) in jvm.config
FR5164 Bug Licensing null pointer breaks wildfly shutdown
FR5227 Bug Protection – Email sending causes slow performance
FR5307 Bug Adding a notification with ‘Login’ in the text causes Enterprise Dashboard JSON transfers to fail
FR5314 Bug MX metaspace log reports – add usage %
FR5656 Bug CP email validation fails when emails address contains spaces
FR5672 Bug FR IM corrupted jvm.config file by removing “” causing CF outage


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4951 Bug JDBC: Very long statement text causes high memory demand, even when “SQL Text Limiting” is enabled.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4853 Improvement Hibernate Session Tracker performance improvement. The performance of Hibernate based systems such as ORM’s could be impacted when using FusionReactor.
We have lowered the amount of data collected to only the action. Original functionality of collecting the arguments to the action can be restored by using -Dfr.hibernatesessionpointcut.recordsessionarguments (the value is ignored) which has to be put on the Java arguments to the JVM
FR4819 Bug Resolved an issue where the FusionAnalytics Connector would not be able to log in to FusionAnalytics correctly.
FR4802 Bug Resolved an issue where Instance Manager patches the wrong line (i.e. comments) in Coldfusion’s jvm.config.
FR4821 Bug Resolved an issue where adding a notification with ‘Login’ in the text causes Enterprise Dashboard JSON transfers to fail.
FR4832 Bug Fixed the JDBC driver for datasources using the JADOZOOM drivers (CF/32-bit MS Access Unicode) where it would not support Statement.getMoreResults().
FR4833 Bug Fixed FR 5.2.6 so that when FR4.x Enterprise Dashboard views the CPU System value it is correct
FR4859 Bug Changed the sort by date on Request/Transaction screens so it actually sorts by date/time instead of alphabetically.
FR4883 Bug Fixed legacy log rotation so FR correctly uses the file count and size settings.
FR4902 Bug Fix the Enterprise Dashboard where it could lose connection due to hung network connections.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4791 Bug Missing UI on IE8 because of a JQuery incompatibility has been fixed.
FR4793 Bug Charts time axis is off by 1 hour due to DST change
FR4795 Bug The SQL text limiting configuration value should apply to the in-memory transaction text, not just to the log file.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4768 Improvement Add ‘Set Home Page’ button to the about page.
FR4741 Improvement Add missing log files to the log page combo box.
FR4724 Bug FR installer should say “Confirm password” instead of ‘Validati
FR4736 Bug Add the server time to the main toc.
FR4745 Bug Rare timing error on FR startup.
FR4766 Bug Make CP memory trigger more obvious.
FR4726 Bug JDBC tab of a web request only shows complete jdbc calls, not r
FR4725 Bug FR has no class loading log file.
FR4744 Bug Sybase is not recognized as a database.
FR4765 Bug Add getRecentRequests() to FRAPI.
FR4734 Bug ED reports “License Exception” when pointing ED to http://www.g
FR4750 Bug Cannot contain a comma in the password, but thats what the inst
FR4729 Bug ‘J2ee active’ in FRAM should be renamed to make it more obvious
FR4756 Bug JDBC Statement is ‘null’ on Java 1.8 for prepared statements.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4702 Bug Corrects an issue with JDBC drivers introduced in FusionReactor 5.2.0, which occurs on Adobe ColdFusion on Java 1.7 platforms.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4673 Bug Fixes an issue in rendering the FR interface in Internet Explorer 11
FR4678 Bug Fixes an issue in enGuard Email Notification when using upper-case letters in email addresses – these are now valid.
FR4670 Bug The manually-installed (archive) version of FusionReactor Administration Manager (FRAM) with no bundled JRE doesn’t start in Java 1.8. This has been corrected.
FR4682 Bug In the Enterprise Dashboard group editor, adding a server could result in it being added to the wrong group. This has been corrected.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4653 Bug Resolves an issue in FusionReactor 5.2.0 Centralized Archive and Rotation which could cause the archiver to fail in FusionAnalytics Connector mode Disabled, leaving multiple log folders in the instance log folder.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4438 Improvement FusionReactor Java 8 support.
FR4576 Improvement Ensure FusionReactorDriver is compliant with JDBC 4.2 specification.
FR4543 Improvement Crash Protection Traces: Trace All, Trace Transactions and Trace None.
FR4574 Improvement Add Protection settings prompts to configure FusionReactor email settings.
FR4579 Improvement Add active Average Request/JDBC times to the Resource log.
FR4501 Improvement Request/Transaction Activity and History table sorting improvements.
FR4528 Improvement Add tracking for JerseyClient HTTP requests.
FR4525 Improvement MongoDB Stack trace for queries.
FR4563 Bug Datasources report JDBC wrapper errors instead of actual Datasource issues.
FR4540 Bug Instance Manager – Incorrect Handling of bad Windows Service registry keys.
FR4537 Bug Setting wrong start/install options for Railo upgrades.
FR4560 Bug GZip Compression can cause downloads to stall (see Technote: FRS-339).
FR4530 Bug Enterprise Dashboard showing long disconnects upon deletes/modifications to monitored server settings.
FR4551 Bug Log Archive checking can affect server startup time.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4509 Improvement Significant performance improvement when running FusionReactor protection on a server with thousands of threads.
FR4507 Bug VersionInfo page requires the user to be logged in when it shouldn’t, which can break the mobile app connection
FR4503 Bug FREC docs are misleading. FREC is not needed for FusionReactor 5.x
FR4498 Bug NullPointerException in FusionReactor<init> (getRequestURL)
FR4499 Bug Complex User Traces, via FRAPI#trace(), can distort or break the page rendering
FR4549 Bug NoSuchMethodException pingDatabase with oracle on a jboss server


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4469 Improvement Manual license activation should not switch to automatic renewal.
FR4484 Improvement Improve filename collection for ColdFusion Line Performance PointCut.
FR4101 Bug Fix issue where ODLComponent.config may contain invalid data when Java processes are killed.
FR4337 Bug Move X-UA-Compatible META tag in HTML HEADER to the first line
FR4407 Bug Deactivation of manual license has no confirmation dialog.
FR4440 Bug JDBC driver is tracking query functions in ColdFusion as transactions.
FR3972 Bug ED Monitoring failure if instance is installed with no password.
FR4460 Bug Add logging to FRAPI Trace API to show any failures occurring.
FR4467 Bug Fix an IllegalMonitorStateException in the EnGuard RequestQuantityProtection.
FR4329 Bug Automatic & manual activated licences on the same server cause de-activation problems.
FR4447 Bug ED no longer works correctly when monitoring 6.0.0 instances.
FR4474 Bug Wrong copyright year.
FR4426 Bug License key cannot be entered into FRAM.
FR4416 Bug NullPointer in txnOpen due to race condition in EnGuard.
FR4443 Bug FusionReactor preAbort fails with class cast exception.
FR4413 Bug Railo/Tomcat instances not installing due to windows service issues.
FR4431 Bug Log rotator error thrown on startup WildFly 8.
FR4437 Bug WDDX Serialization of FusionRequest fails.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4432 Improvement Support Windows Server 2012 R2
FR4427 Bug Fix the ColdFusion 11 class loading on startup issue


Key Issue Type Summary
FR4368 Improvement Make the activate / deactivate button more visible on the about screen.
FR4361 Improvement Instance Manager should not require a license to manage and remove FR instances.
FR4359 Improvement Mobile application API (versionInfo) cannot report that the server is not licensed or that the license has expired.
FR4373 Bug Fix a bug where upgrades from FR 4.0.x to 5.1.0 would fail.
FR4374 Bug Fix a bug so that expired licenses or activation leases can be reactivated when the license is renewed or extended.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3985 New Feature Transaction logger plugin
FR4029 New Feature Allow user proxy settings/capability for activation purposes – see FRS-329
FR4069 New Feature Introduce new FRAPI getObjectSize and getDeepObjectSize calculations
FR4266 New Feature Support WildFly Application Servers
FR2513 Improvement ‘Add instance’ server type field is not alphabetically sorted
FR2899 Improvement Audit and improve where necessary the security of the user interface
FR3613 Improvement FRAM: Upgrade bundled JVM to latest version
FR3627 Improvement FR does not recognize non default FusionAnalytics installation
FR3652 Improvement Instance Manager Server control icons do not reflect server status
FR3686 Improvement Add Support for Glassfish 4 in Instance Manager
FR3721 Improvement Add Start and Stop Functionality to Instance Manager for Jboss 7 and WildFly
FR3752 Improvement Add Button to Instance Manager to add instance to the Dashboard
FR3766 Improvement IM Wizard Usability and Internal Improvements
FR3771 Improvement Alter default JDBC settings to not log by default
FR3790 Improvement Test email UI improvements (pre-population of “to” field and increased popup size)
FR3825 Improvement Instance Manager: installation should (optionally) Overwrite existing Java opts
FR3852 Improvement fusionreactor.jar file is embedded in the installer twice
FR3878 Improvement Instance Manager (Windows) expects the “Service Name” but most users would be familiar with the “Display Name”
FR3880 Improvement Transit transaction tracking performance improvements
FR3886 Improvement Instance Manager: List Drives on Scan Directory
FR3907 Improvement Enterprise Dashboard: Improvements to the display of monitoring failures + other ED improvements
FR3911 Improvement Instance Manager: installer should check that old version of FusionReactor has been removed (JARs and web.xml entry)
FR3952 Improvement HTTP Return Codes listed in the metrics page should be sorted by return code
FR3955 Improvement HTTP Return Codes with no message break the return code status pages
FR3959 Improvement UI: Improve the text-wrapping strategy for smaller screens and devices
FR3967 Improvement Disable background scrolling when a modal dialogue is open
FR4006 Improvement Log rotation stops if the thread encounters an exception – add resiliency
FR4032 Improvement FusionReactor can’t be deployed as agent unless in a “FusionReactorsomethinginstance name” folder structure
FR4033 Improvement Daily Report should allow the time of the email to be configured
FR4035 Improvement Allow internal jetty server to support keep-alive connections
FR4036 Improvement AggregatePackage should hold a sum of squares to allow statistical calculations such as variance and SD
FR4038 Improvement Improve transaction property capture from HttpClient and CFHTTP calls
FR4052 Improvement Update FRAPI docs to clarify time-frame covered by results of method calls
FR4065 Improvement Revise the links that Setup adds to Windows Start Menu
FR4072 Improvement UI clarification through reducing use of phrase “Request”
FR4087 Improvement Add Button to Instance Manager to add instance to the Dashboard
FR4091 Improvement List of currently executing JDBC statements in alert emails
FR4095 Improvement FRAM: improvements to file permission handling and error reporting on Unix platforms
FR4106 Improvement Support for CF11 bytecode
FR4107 Improvement IE8 Enhanced Security Configuration should be detected and reported to the user
FR4112 Improvement UI enhancements to make warning ‘toast’-style popups clearer.
FR4113 Improvement Instance Manager: create backups of files changed during installation
FR4120 Improvement Licensing (IE8): Fallback to manual activation returns the user to ‘about’ – not manual activation
FR4124 Improvement Add content-length (when evailable) in Protection email alert notifications
FR4140 Improvement Add Support for CF11 and CF11 Solr
FR4164 Improvement Instance Manager: Change the descriptions of the Option Methods
FR4168 Improvement Allow Guard transaction kills without (optionally) checking for ownable synchronizers
FR4201 Improvement Instance Manager: during re-scan, remove folders which no longer exist
FR4283 Improvement UI: improve text on JDBC Stack Trace Filters page
FR4284 Improvement UI: Response Codes graphs missing units
FR4305 Improvement Instance Manager: Improve management of Railo and CF servers on Linux
FR2168 Bug Instance Manager: When removing FR instance it is not removed from the Enterprise Dashboard
FR2497 Bug FR creates a file called fram.conf even if the config parameter defines a different file name
FR3647 Bug Instance Manager: Improve links to help
FR3671 Bug Can’t login if password contains “%” character
FR3701 Bug Instance Manager shouldn’t rely on folder names during server detection
FR3709 Bug Trim mail server hostname user input
FR3782 Bug Instance Manager throws NumberFormatException when trying to add an instance
FR3798 Bug StackTrace All Threads not working on the iPad
FR3809 Bug Instance Manager not detecting Railo 3 Express installation
FR3868 Bug It should not be possible for instances to log to themselves (FRAM offload)
FR3872 Bug Add JDBC tracking for Firebird databases
FR3881 Bug Optimization: Transit should maintain the fastest and slowest transaction per flavor, instead of computing these
FR3889 Bug Improvements to the password change screen
FR3892 Bug CF10 Solr is detected twice in IM
FR3898 Bug After installing FusionReactor to Glassfish, licence does not automatically activate – see FRS-324
FR3899 Bug Instance Manager: Glassfish 3.0 startup check isnt working and times out
FR3933 Bug Improve startup log output formatting
FR3958 Bug Improve detection of Railo 3 express railo.jar, when found in different locations
FR3961 Bug FusionAnalytics -> Clear Queue page: improve handling in low memory situations
FR3977 Bug The color box in Graph Settings scrolls with background page (Also broken in IE8)
FR3987 Bug Prevent Instance Manager from deleting Tomcat environment files on install
FR3991 Bug Enterprise Dashboard: “TypeError: this.data is null” javascript error
FR3998 Bug UEM: Beacon does not fallback to cookies if the browser Performance API is unavailable
FR4004 Bug Enterprise Dashboard: javascript errors fixed when clicking on a server group
FR4017 Bug Typo in thread kill confirmation screen
FR4018 Bug Archive Manager: Delete single archive – toast shows wrong message.
FR4019 Bug Instance Manager: Inconsistent application flow when using an invalid service name
FR4023 Bug Instance Manager: Improve validation of input fields of the ‘scan’ functionality
FR4025 Bug Average Request Time Link goes to the wrong page
FR4026 Bug Enterprise Dashboard: clicking on group name in drop down menu generates error
FR4049 Bug Enable JEE containers instrumented by FusionReactor to be debugged and profiled
FR4063 Bug Improvements to the modal dialog for low resolution screens
FR4064 Bug Whitespace in email address settings causes address validation to fail
FR4084 Bug Instance Manager: ColdFusion 10 start and stop functions time out.
FR4086 Bug Glassfish 3.0 startup check times out
FR4092 Bug No CPU tracking on CentOS 6 – Sigar java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
FR4100 Bug Archiver: make handling the persistent queue more robust to obviate PersistentQueueException
FR4102 Bug Startup: File Locks not functional on Unix platforms
FR4110 Bug Daily Report time should reflect the start time of the collection period (as in 5.0.9)
FR4114 Bug Spelling mistakes & description improvements to FR settings pages
FR4115 Bug InstanceManager: extend logging to provide more customer diagnostics
FR4116 Bug Improvements for the FRAM Target settings page and ‘Test’ functionality
FR4145 Bug Typo in error message when killing thread
FR4149 Bug The compatibility of FusionReactor metrics gathering has been improved on ColdFusion 11 on Windows 8
FR4150 Bug Fix a NullPointerException when logging occurs during shutdown
FR4152 Bug UI: Incorrect text wrapping on JDBC main details page columns
FR4153 Bug Allow FusionReactor to be installed into FusionAnalytics
FR4158 Bug Protection: Thread kill reporting errors, when thread is successfully killed
FR4159 Bug Protection: Lower memory requirement of thread kills
FR4183 Bug FRAM/Initial License: Make it clearer and easier for users to obtain an initial license on the first install
FR4200 Bug Improve compatibility with IE8 for the Login page
FR4216 Bug UI: Improve layout of tables with action buttons
FR4225 Bug JDBC: Fix NullPointerException from JDBC Wrapper when ‘null’ is passed to a Prepared Statement
FR4236 Bug Fix a NullPointerException in Transaction Properties where a property is null
FR4267 Bug UEM Settings link still shown for Observer user
FR4276 Bug Fix ‘null’ as placeholders on Search and Replace input fields
FR4302 Bug Setting FusionReactor WebRequest Tracker to disabled makes its icon dissapear
FR4303 Bug Stop a malicious user being able to stop and inhibit OSGi bundles
FR4333 Bug Fix a bug where non-essential plugins (those having a ‘stop’ button) can’t actually be stopped
FR4340 Bug Javascript error on AMF request details page when the AMF content contained ”
FR4341 Bug Regex restrictions are not being validated correctly and can cause a Restriction List to be completely skipped
FR4008 Bug WebRequest Memory Protection: Minimum Condition Duration description is incorrect
FR4172 Bug Lower the overhead required to administer the Protection ‘Request Quantity’ strategy


For more information on upgrading to 5.0.9, see FRS-326: “Upgrading to FusionReactor v5.0.9 – Special Release Notes”

Key Issue Type Summary
FR3753 New Feature FusionReactor Daily Report Plugin
FR3729 Improvement Improve Instance Manager Start/Stop etc Buttons on low resolutions
FR3740 Improvement Improve On-Demand Licensing to store discovered licensing data
FR3747 Improvement Startup can slow down on computers with multiple network adapters
FR3767 Improvement Installer suggests “Railo” as the service name but “Apache Tomcat Railo” is the default for this container
FR3780 Improvement Performance: Optimise the test for Transaction equality
FR3820 Improvement Add Automatic Install for Railo Express
FR3821 Improvement Improved location of Protection Notification email enablement option
FR3826 Improvement IE8: many areas have been addressed to work more smoothly in IE8: Enterprise Dashboard, spinner graphics, Instance Manager graphics, security, missing page content, and graph update and drawing
FR3840 Improvement Enterprise Dashboard -> Manage Servers Test button should report ‘License Failed’ when no license is installed in the target
FR3844 Improvement Update bundled JVM to latest version
FR3848 Improvement IM does not display drive letter on Windows
FR3853 Improvement Make the default methods to stop/start an instance in the IM more prominent
FR3862 Improvement Performance: Lookup of hostname should be done asynchronously
FR3869 Improvement Improvement documentation to include User Experience Monitoring options
FR3876 Improvement Images for non-default install options look pixelated in some browsers (FF, IE)
FR3882 Improvement Improve Stack Trace/Query Location Capture Performance
FR3885 Improvement Improve defaulting on JDBC to only record stacks for queries longer than 100ms, and optimize log setting
FR3749 Bug Improvements to the Log/FusionAnalytics Status date picker widget
FR3775 Bug Incorrect J2EE setting shown on Enable/Disable when no password is set on instance
FR3776 Bug FusionReactor will not install to a folder containing a space (eg “Program Files”)
FR3777 Bug Protection emails: Improve formatting of CFM paths
FR3782 Bug Instance Manager throws NumberFormatException when trying to add an instance
FR3785 Bug Uninstalling FusionReactor from FusionAnalytics causes a NullPointerException
FR3794 Bug Startup performance enhancements setting up configuration
FR3810 Bug Instance Manager should not scan the recycle bin during server scan
FR3814 Bug Tomcat 6 on Java 5 does sometimes not track requests and throws a LinkageError exception on startup
FR3822 Bug Protection Settings ‘Read More’ points to historical document version
FR3824 Bug Memory table on main tab of JDBC Request Detail page is duplicated
FR3826 Bug Rendering under IE8 should be improved (loading widget, fonts, security, graph freezes, password change)
FR3833 Bug On-Demand Licensing – activation can fail in a small number of cases
FR3834 Bug Graph edit dialog modal leaves background on web metrics after ‘cancel’
FR3838 Bug FusionReactor alters case of JDBC column names returned from QofQ with ColdFusion
FR3839 Bug Enterprise Dashboard notification emails cannot be disabled
FR3843 Bug Enterprise Dashboard auto register is not sending the ‘clients’ full address (inc. Port number)
FR3845 Bug Stack traces no longer show “owned by” thread names
FR3846 Bug Stack Traces no longer analyse correctly in IntelliJ IDEA
FR3847 Bug JDBC row count is reported differently between UI and log files
FR3860 Bug Graph Week toggle not working when there is not enough data
FR3861 Bug NullPointerException when an instance is set as its own FRAM target
FR3863 Bug Archive cache: FusionReactor uses a large amount of memory on startup with large archives
FR3867 Bug Improvements to reporting exceptions raised during Reflected calls
FR3870 Bug ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using Operato upgrade instances in the Instance Manager
FR3874 Bug UI caching is too aggressive
FR3877 Bug Choosing service stop/start method fails, displaying an unclear error message
FR3884 Bug ClassCastException: A CCE raised during log rotation is now handled
FR3888 Bug Newly entered license doesn’t take prescedence over existing one when another instance on same machine has expired license
FR3900 Bug Memory leak in Enterprise Dashboard
FR3902 Bug Soft-killed threads with closed children are not removed from the active masters map, resulting in NPE
FR3909 Bug UEM beacon tracking page shows NPE stack trace
FR3954 Bug NPE raised by the local metrics cache thread could stop metrics gathering
FR3954 Bug FRAM/Enterprise Dashboard remote monitoring fails with “Instance license has expired” and does not recover
FR3974 Bug NPE raised by FR when no servlet path is available from the JEE container
FR3992 Bug NPE raised when using the Derby driver to retrieve generated keys, and none are available
FR3999 Bug User Experience Monitoring timings – accuracy improvement
FR4011 Bug In IE8, Enterprise Dashboard direct links do not redirect correctly


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3800 Improvement Updater (Installer) should inform users to read the upgrading notes before upgrading from earlier versions of FR to FR5
FR3796 Improvement On JVM 6 platforms, FR should obtain thread, monitor and ownable synchronizer information
FR3755 Improvement Rename the ISAPI Matching filter settings in FR to URI Matching
FR3812 Bug Guard Timeout protection (abort) on Tomcat6 w. Java5 caused a NoSuchMethodError and no further request tracking
FR3797 Bug deault.properties in the classpath could cause FR not to start correctly with errors
FR3781 Bug Instance Manager chooses incorrect path for jetty.lax file
FR3802 Bug Spelling mistake causing ‘Select “New Configuration File”‘ to be ‘No Configuration File’
FR3666 Bug Stack Trace log was not updated when a stack trace is requested by the user
FR3347 Bug When archive folder does not exists – path not found exception is thrown preventing further log archiving
FR3792 Bug Error thrown when looking at request details if the underly Java engine has a problem in request properties. Handling of the error has been added
FR3744 Bug FR does not start correctly in Java 5 environments
FR3804 Bug Java 6 method call in WrappedFilterChain prevents the filter from tracking requests in Java 5 environments
FR3816 Bug Removed a small performance impact from Transactions when debug logging is enabled
FR3774 Bug Manually going to /fusionreactor/UEM displays and error
FR3805 Bug On Java 5 the help option drop-down menu in Archiving is not correctly displayed or functional
FR3798 Bug StackTrace All Threads was not working on the iPad


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3757 Improvement Allow UEM beacons to be (optionally, default on) received by FR on the external (JEE) web server, even if the FR interface is disabled on that channel. (FusionReactor -> Settings).
FR3731 Improvement Add information tooltips to Scan System and Add Server in the Instance Manager.
FR3750 Improvement Make Instance Manager’s buttons’ tool tips more informative.
FR3751 Bug Allow setup to be cancelled if the port selected for the Administration Manager (FRAM) is in use.
FR3761 Bug A StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when running FRAM as root has been fixed.
FR3744 Bug The Licensing system has been improved to be more compatible with Java 5.
FR3760 Bug A rare exception which could occur on Railo when browsing Request Details is now handled.
FR3763 Bug The ‘server start time’ field of the request log is now synchronized with the rest of the system.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3733 Improvement Active Sessions in the ColdFusion JEE engine are now graphed.
FR3716 Improvement Show stack traces additionally in plain text in Request Details.
FR3720 Improvement Make the reachability check between the FR user interface and server more resilient to restart/slow network.
FR3723 Bug Protection: Descriptions of Protection mechanisms have been improved.
FR3724 Bug The FRAM (Administration Manager) launcher now tells the Java Virtual Machine to run in ‘headless’ (no User Interface) mode to stop undesirable graphics management threads starting.
FR3725 Bug FRAM’s Instance Manager has been improved to use fewer threads.
FR3726 Bug FRAM’s Instance Manager Install Wizard has been improved for users with limited screen resolution.
FR3727 Bug A ConcurrentModificationException which could occur when using the FR Upgrade feature has been fixed.
FR3728 Bug A NullPointerException which could similarly occur has been fixed.
FR3730 Bug A case where pages with refreshing elements would not cancel their timers, causing subsequent pages to erroneously refresh, has been fixed.
FR3732 Bug A bug whereby FusionReactor’s JDBC wrapper on the ColdFusion JEE engine could cause column aliases to fail, when using CF’s “Query of Queries” mechanism, has been fixed.
FR3736 Bug A bug whereby FusionReactor’s ColdFusion Extensions plugin would sometimes fail to register with FusionReactor has been fixed.
FR3737 Bug Using the browser’s “Back” button could sometimes fail to cancel refresh timers in the user interface. This has been fixed.
FR3742 Bug Improvements to the user interface have been made for IE8 users in several settings pages, the Log Archive page and the FusionAnalytics Connector Status page.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3717 Improvement New options have been added to WebRequest Memory Protection to control if and how often FusionReactor performs automatic garbage collection.
FR3684 Improvement Tracking of JDBC metrics has been made more robust.
FR3711 Improvement The Solr installation within ColdFusion 10 is now detected.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3708 Bug A bug which could cause the Instance Manager wizards to stop responding has been fixed.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3706 Bug The ‘user-agent’ string has been removed from Protection emails due to an incompatibility with the JRun engine. A UI option to enable this will be available in the next feature release. If you require this functionality immediately please add request.logfile.useragent.mail=true to your instance’s reactor.conf


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3685 Improvement CF8,9 Multi-Server split JAR improvements
FR3690 Improvement Asset directory listing should not be available
FR3692 Improvement Allow favicon.png to be served and prevent directory listing of the img folder
FR3673 Bug UEM Script errors on older browsers
FR3675 Bug Some FusionReactor 4 supported passwords do not work in FusionReactor 5
FR3676 Bug java.lang.RuntimeException: JSR/RET are not supported with computeFrames option
FR3677 Bug Management jar is sometimes not available
FR3678 Bug FusionReactor 4.x Homepage cause login failures for FusionReactor 5
FR3680 Bug Some UI libraries are not minified
FR3681 Bug StackOverFlow can happen on start up
FR3682 Bug Disable CFML Annotations by default
FR3683 Bug Presence of another OSGi Framework Factory in the system classloader causes FR to abort
FR3687 Bug Exception during install
FR3688 Bug Manual activation key is not validated when executing a manual activation
FR3689 Bug Unresolved installer variable framPort
FR3691 Bug /fusionreactor.cfm/img/favicon.png returns 404
FR3693 Bug When updating a 4.x version the Next button has to be clicked twice before the wizard continues
FR3694 Bug Enabling prot timeout causes NPE in Transit opening a JDBC transaction after timeout.
FR3695 Bug Reintroduce JDBC soft kill
FR3696 Bug Assertions should be removed from code.
FR3697 Bug NPE in JDBC requests if JDBCDriver does not receive a configuration
FR3700 Bug NPE thrown when invalid string is pasted into FR as part of manual activation process
FR3702 Bug Enterprise Dashboard shows servers that are grouped also in ungrouped
FR3703 Bug Missing tool tip on stop start button


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3658 Bug MacOS Setup prompts for password when uninstalling
FR3665 Bug Number of Jetty acceptors can exceed the number of available threads in the pool
FR3667 Bug Management jar is sometimes not available on Windows


Key Issue Type Summary
FR1939 New Feature Javaagent based instrumentation
FR3015 New Feature Protection Master Ticket
FR2812 New Feature Auto-scaling cloud support
FR2914 New Feature Metro Integration to FR
FR3100 New Feature User Defined Transactions
FR3064 New Feature Transaction Annotations for Java, ColdFusion and Railo
FR3198 New Feature MongoDB core DBCollection actions Monitoring
FR3487 New Feature Hibernate Session Transactions
FR2906 New Feature Metro (Master Ticket)
FR2907 New Feature Transit (Master Ticket)
FR2061 New Feature Add garbage collection (GC) logging & charting
FR1215 New Feature Decoupled Configuration Delta System
FR2856 New Feature Add support for HTTPService and SSL
FR3016 New Feature Thread count tracking / charting
FR2981 New Feature Automatic registration of instance with ED
FR2325 New Feature Record True Client IP with using Load Balancer
FR2818 New Feature Stack Trace on Responses with Errors
FR1372 Improvement Add User-Agent to the request log file
FR1467 Improvement SMS formatting for CP and FR emails
FR1493 Improvement Enterprise Dashboard connected instances should be able to use SSL
FR1702 Improvement JDBC wrapping awareness,Ease-Of-Use and automation
FR1724 Improvement FusionReactor Logs must be rotated when the version number in the log files will change
FR2008 Improvement Support TLS/SSL for SMTP sending (smtp.gmail.com)
FR2495 Improvement FR Support for Glassfish
FR2519 Improvement Add log archive download link in FR UI
FR2624 Improvement Create OSGi services for FR dependencies and clean up POM
FR2644 Improvement Allow FusionReactor to be started via a javaagent
FR2709 Improvement Log User-Agent string so we can perform analytics on it
FR2807 Improvement Convention over Configuration for fram.conf and reactor.conf
FR2811 Improvement Sanity check script or plugin
FR2814 Improvement Replace Nano with Felix HTTPService
FR2816 Improvement Replace FlashComponents with HTML5
FR2865 Improvement FusionReactor support for JBoss 7
FR2877 Improvement New FusionReactor UI
FR2916 Improvement FRAPI Enhancement for Metro
FR2925 Improvement Allow Limiting Size of JDBC Log SQL Text Output
FR2954 Improvement Revise ‘FusionReactor Setup’
FR2968 Improvement Change installer link
FR3023 Improvement Remove the filteradapter
FR3037 Improvement Custom metrics series
FR3063 Improvement Running Request page should list the total number of currently running requests
FR3089 Improvement Support for JDBC Wrapper driver options on auto wrapped JDBC URLs
FR3118 Improvement Alter JDBC Driver Configuration
FR3151 Improvement Create a color picker to be used in the UI.
FR3210 Improvement Support for AWS Elastic Beanstalk
FR3310 Improvement Rest Interface setup
FR3320 Improvement Add encryption to ODL client
FR3351 Improvement Single click transaction description should take you to the transaction details
FR463 Bug Configuration should automatically supply defaults.
FR681 Bug Dashboard Slows down / IE Memory utilization is 80-90MB for 50 servers
FR1358 Bug NPE from UCP when under background load (25T) plus continuous reset (25T)
FR1370 Bug CPU-occupancy gatherting task may not run often enough under load
FR1543 Bug Railo: Search and Replace filter causes Illegal State Exception)
FR1749 Bug FusionReactor restarts probe timer tasks when log rotation occurs
FR1754 Bug Initialization failed: Mandatory key active was not found in the configuration
FR1757 Bug FusionReactor’s setRunningConfiguration causes a reinit of FusionReactor and many log entries. It should be possible to set FusionReactor’s log directories without re-initing FusionReactor completely
FR1776 Bug Unicode characters in js are getting turned into a series of question marks
FR1952 Bug When Using Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”), FusionReactor Can’t Load Native Library (java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError)
FR2309 Bug Hash (#) doesn’t display in the FusionReactor request history when included in request parameters
FR2430 Bug Result codes don’t add up under stress
FR2482 Bug NullPointerException in Instance Manager
FR2514 Bug Status Code Counts on System Metrics are dropping requests
FR2577 Bug Wrong CPU values displayed on an xen-virtualized server
FR2584 Bug System and Process CPU measurement is incorrect on multiprocessor/multicore *nix systems
FR2710 Bug FR only tracks CFID/CFTOKEN pairs passed as a cookie, not as a URL parameter
FR2722 Bug Cookies page does not display cookie value with : in correctly
FR2727 Bug Protect OSGi bundles by restricting the org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=*
FR2775 Bug FR picks up the same server twice: Railo and the Tomcat inside of it.
FR2779 Bug ED doesn’t work in Railo 3.3
FR2804 Bug FusionReactor JDBC Driver reports connection OK if using bogus classpath, but does not work if classpath option is excluded.
FR2835 Bug javax.mail.MessagingException: IOException while sending message; nested exception is: javax.activation.UnsupportedDataTypeException: no object DCH for MIME type

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-314
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 25/Jan/16 10:08 AM
Affects Version: 5.0.0
Fixed Version: 5.0.0
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FRS-291: FusionReactor 4.5.x Release Notes