Why JavaScript is The Most Demanded IT Skill

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There are various programming languages and IT frameworks for software development, but JavaScript (JS) is rated as the most popular and in-demand IT skill around the world. Many new programming languages have emerged, and there are also a lot of advanced features that are being required by end-users and organizations. However, most new languages cannot meet the latest technological demand, trends, and don’t have the sophistication to outdo JavaScript. 

A major reason for its high demand is due to its versatility and robustness. JS can be used to build a sophisticated web application, and lately, there has been a drastic rise in the demand for web applications. It stands head and shoulders above most of the languages for web development. There is also a lot of popular software development framework that relies on JavaScript and has influenced its popularity.


There are many high levels of programming languages around the world, which are also very popular. However, the simplicity and robustness of JavaScript have made industries and developers fall in love with it. The language is versatile and can be used to develop a range of applications and systems such as web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, servers, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and so much more. The fact that JavaScript is a jack of all trade and master of all makes it extremely appealing and in-demand skill.

Existing Applications

JavaScript has been around the block for quite some time, which implies that there are lots of existing applications and systems that run on it. This means JS developers are always needed to maintain existing applications and build new models on existing ones. The language can also be used in conjunction with other high and low-level programming languages, which has also contributed to the high demand of JS developers. Github, Stack Overflow, Code Project, and other major repositories rate JavaScript as the language with the highest number of pull requests. That means there are millions of people writing JavaScript codes and also searching for JS codes. The most popular IT technologies and applications are indeed running on JS.


Frameworks are a major programming platform used by millions of developers to build various kinds of applications. Currently, most of the major developmental frameworks run on JavaScript. Major platforms such as React, Angular JS, Node.js, VueJS, MetorJS, etc. all run on it.

These frameworks run on a collection of JavaScript libraries, and they provide developers with prewritten JS codes. It ensures that projects are completed on time, ensures better code management, ease of use, and so much more. It is also an open-source language, and it is standardized, which means newer versions are always included in the language.

User Interaction

Websites and applications developed with JavaScript would be, in most cases, more fun and dynamic than other programming languages. JavaScript and its frameworks work with DOM (Document Object Model), which allows it to respond to user interaction, object movements, look and feel, etc. With JavaScript websites and web applications you can seamlessly interact with various components, it enables dynamic scrolling and ensures a good user experience. These features have significantly contributed to the high demand for JS developers.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack developers are indispensable assets to organizations because they can drastically cut down development costs and time. A Full Stack system developer can single-handedly build front end, back end, and database systems with JavaScript. This means there would be no need to hire other developers to execute the job. As a top programming language, JS has been dominating in the full-stack development sector. It allows web applications to be developed in a single language and unified development environment. This implies that organizations and developers do not need to use multiple languages and platforms to build their applications. Using JavaScript for Full Stack development can tremendously improve the running speed of your applications. Furthermore, JS frameworks used for Full Stack development have many scalable plugins that are good for I/O. They can also significantly improve communication between IoT devices.

Cross-Platform Application Development

JavaScript ensures that applications are built and run across various platforms. Cross-platform application development is a powerful aspect of it. This feature is especially important for mobile application development where, in time, past organizations would use different languages to develop applications for android and IOS apps. JavaScript frameworks such as React Native can as well be used to develop cross-platform mobile applications. Cross-platform application development can significantly save time, cost, ease of use, and ensure lesser human efforts. Aside from cross-platform development JavaScript frameworks also ensure code reusability. 

A lot of big applications have been developed with JavaScript or its frameworks due to the cross-platform app development feature. Some major applications include Facebook, Bloomberg, SoundCloud, Instagram, LinkedIn. Other major organizations using JS in various capacities include Microsoft, Wallmart, yahoo, Netflix, Alibaba.

Final Notes

JavaScript is the most in-demand IT skill due to the wide range of benefits the language offers. A lot of popular frameworks use JavaScript, and system developers can rapidly create complex applications using the language as well. Developers can easily build state-of-the-art cross-platform applications with low overhead, and it can also be used for Full Stack system development.

There are a lot of reasons why JavaScript has become the go-to language for organizations and developers. It is powerful, flexible, robust, dynamic, and simply handles tasks better and faster than most of the programming. If you want to build a high performing web application, desktop apps, mobile app, etc, then look no further because JavaScript is the king of programming languages. JavaScript can also be used for innovative IT technologies such as virtual reality, gaming, rendering, scaling, and animation.

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