Announcing FusionReactor 6 – the wait is over !

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2015 Wrap-Up – hello FR6 and Happy Birthday FusionReactor !

After approximately 10 years of engineering, 100 meetings, 1,000 pizzas and 10,000 cups of coffee we’re now ready with FusionReactor 6 – it’s taken a while – but it’s worth it and FR6 is by far the best, fastest and most feature rich version of FusionReactor ever launched. Oh – and as everything seems to be the power of 10 – FusionReactor is also exactly 10 years old this month 🙂

What’s different…? Well, FR6 includes tons of new features and improvements, but one feature really stands out – which is the Production Debugger available in the new ULTIMATE Edition of FusionReactor. We’ve always believed that monitoring is really a means to an end. The end goal is about your company being able to deliver your service, such that your customers are satisfied and your business makes money. So your applications need to be free of defects and always ON. Unfortunately, all software has defects, but we believe that the measure of a great monitor, is the speed at which the monitor can highlight and direct you to the defect, so that you can actually get it fixed and restore service.

Announcing FusionReactor 6 – the wait is over !, FusionReactor

FusionReactor has always been about giving you accurate, real-time insight into what’s happening on your server/application right now and the Production Debugger available in the ULTIMATE Edition takes that goal to a whole new level.

How to get FusionReactor Ultimate Edition

FusionReactor ULTIMATE can be purchased separately and it’s also possible to upgrade from either Standard or Enterprise Editions. Please contact sales for more details.

Here are some of the highlights which FR6 has to offer:

  • Memory Usage metrics
  • Application Filter view
  • Application Session Tracking
  • Enhanced Garbage Collection Analysis
  • SQL Query Planner (Explain)
  • ColdFusion Extended Metrics visualized
  • On the fly code de-compilation
  • Improved Notification Center
  • Improved Java Frameworks – Spring, Struts
  • Support for Fusion SaaS (CLOUD) – note Fusion SaaS will be released separately to FR6

The whole team is very proud of what we’ve achieved with FusionReactor 6 and we very much hope that you enjoy using it and that it continues to be your first choice tool to monitor, detect issues and protect your applications and servers.

David Tattersall
CEO Intergral – makers of FusionReactor, FusionAnalytics and FusionDebug