Announcing FusionReactor 6.2

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We’re happy to announce the latest release of FusionReactor – 6.2.   This release contains around a dozen cool new features and improvements.   You can see a list of all the new stuff on the Release Notes page or simply just go and download it here.

One of the most interesting new features is the Applications View.   Users who are familiar with FR6 will have already taken note of the new capability to filter requests and transactions on Application and lower level categories, which we call “flavors” and “subflavors” – the bottom line is that for Web Requests, we may have Web as the flavor of the request and then subflavors would be the HTTP methods of the Web Request, such as – GET, POST etc.

Why is the useful ?   Well the Applications View can now give you a great visual breakdown of how much each of those requests are effecting your application – in terms of processing time and hit counts.   You can see this from the image below.

Announcing FusionReactor 6.2, FusionReactor

Using the time filter, you can easily take snapshots of time to see how your applications are being utilized. This is great for identifying potential performance bottlenecks. This view also provides some interesting details, showing breakdowns of memory used, duration (compared with average duration), hits and errors generated via that call – plus the amount of CPU used (in ms).

Announcing FusionReactor 6.2, FusionReactor

Production Java Profiler Extensions

FusionReactor 6 Ultimate Edition now includes a Production Profiler for Java, which is designed to help you identify bottlenecks in your production environment. The Production Profiler is VERY low overhead, so you gain maximum benefit, without impacting your applications.

A new feature in the profiler is to enable On-Demand decompiles as well as integrated Debug Triggers to be set directly from the Profile Page.   This is another example of how easy it is to get to the root of your issues using FusionReactor.   Links to the Decompiler and Debugger are highlighted in RED and GREEN respectively.

Announcing FusionReactor 6.2, FusionReactor

Last, but not least… FusionCLOUD

One of the most significant things is that 6.2 is actually our official FusionReactor agent release for FusionCLOUD.

Most of you will be saying – FusionCLOUD – what’s that…?   Well, we’ve been running FusionCLOUD as an invite only beta for around 12 months now.   FusionCLOUD is our exciting new service which extends the on-premise version of FusionReactor to add a broad range of extended functionality available via the cloud.

So what will FusionCLOUD have to offer…?

  • Many of the features you’re already familiar with in FusionReactor, such as Running Request, Stacktraces, Web Metrics view, Resources View
  • CLOUD Dashboard – similar to Enterprise Dashboard but very configurable, with extended views and sophisticated threshold setting
  • Secure Bi-directional channel (SOCKET) – ability to send requests down to your server from FusionCLOUD e.g. launch a Stack Trace / Garbage Collection / Execute script
  • Application view – the app view provides FR users with the insight into how your actual application is performing – not just web requests or transactions as we have in FusionReactor.
  • Alerting Engine – with full integration to alert with emails, PageDuty, HipChat, Email, Slack, OpsGenie , VictorOps, FLOWDOCK, Twilio, IRCCAT etc.

Announcing FusionReactor 6.2, FusionReactor
If you are interested in getting some more information on FusionCLOUD or would like to jump onto the FusionCLOUD Early Bird program – please contact sales