FusionReactor features in the DZone Performance & Monitoring Guide

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FusionReactor features in the DZone Performance & Monitoring Guide, FusionReactorDZone have just published the 2016 Performance & Monitoring Guide and FusionReactor are featured in it. According to DZone’s research, it states that the #1 tool for finding production issues is APPLICATION LOGS (90% of respondents) – which we think is pretty SAD – because delving through logs is painstaking, time consuming and generally not very much fun.

So why are traditional APM tools not solving this issue?

Well, your typical APM tools provide some neat metric graphs and can alert you when something seems wrong, but they don’t tell you much at the level of detail software engineers need to get to the actual root of the issue. So you end up having to grep through logs, dive into the heap, tally your object instances, run stack trace over and over, guess some breakpoints or include debug data into our code (WOW – things are REALLY BAD).

When something breaks in production, developers must go deeper than resource usage or business transaction fail rates – they need real-time insight and transparency into what the application is actually doing at the point that it’s breaking – in production.

In order to pinpoint issues in production we believe developers need additional tooling which is actually closer to what they would use in their development/test environments. Developers need to see things like:

  • stack trace and local variable visibility, at the exact point of failure or deadlock
  • profiling information, when code is run against ‘real production data’ – so that performance bottlenecks can be identified
  • transactions, web and JDBC requests not just measured by time, but also by the amount of memory consumed
  • class loads/unloads & memory allocation (heap + non-heap) across time

FusionReactor Ultimate Edition is designed to give the level of detail software engineers need to get to the actual root of the issue and provides low-overhead production-grade tools to give access to detailed information needed to “deep-dive” & quickly figure out the hard stuff developers need to fix. FusionReactor doesn’t “just monitor” and put the burden on you to figure things out. FusionReactor puts you in control, so that you can instantly isolate production issues and performance bottlenecks with our integrated low overhead Production Debugger and Java Profiler. Plus, it will pro-actively improve application resilience with our unique Crash Protection capability.

No other monitoring solution gives you the same level of depth, insight or control of your Java applications ‘in production’.

If you’re not using Fusion Ultimate Edition already, please contact sales and we would be happy to provide you with an Ultimate Trial license – or if you’re new to FusionReactor, just download our 14 day Free Trial