Best root cause analysis Java tool

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Best root cause analysis Java tool, FusionReactor


“Best root cause analysis Java tool”


What do you like best?

The installation is simple – I typically go with the manual JAR install because it’s super simple… drop a JAR on the filesystem and add a JVM argument.

Once running, the UI is easy to navigate – but not overly simplistic. You can drill down from high-level overview charts down to profiling stack-traces within a few clicks.

Easily the best tool I’ve used for root causes analysis on the JVM – and one of the cheapest too.


What do you dislike?

FusionReactor can do long-term trending but it’s not it’s strongest feature. In my experience, FusionReactor is much better at solving acute problems – sometime automatically through its crash protection features.

The cloud offering is improving all the time and does have better long-term trending (e.g. capacity planning)


Recommendations to others considering the product:

Install and give it a go – there’s a 14 day free trial.

Automated installer is great if you have a GUI. If you’re in a container or CLI only, manual install is super-simple.

Try the profiling features!


What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Root cause analysis (in production) of acute failures. When there’s a problem in production sometimes it’s not so simple to replicate – perhaps your data tier doesn’t have the same volume or differentiating set of data; or perhaps the network topology, redundancy or traffic levels are different. FusionReactor adds no noticable overhead and gives a wealth of insight – it’s always running and ready for us if we have a problem.

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