Eight Qualities To Distinguish The Best ColdFusion Consultant

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Eight Qualities To Distinguish The Best ColdFusion Consultant

Is your web application not functioning effectively? Do you feel like you need to build your web applications from scratch? These are a couple of reasons why you need a ColdFusion consultant. CF Consultants are experts with years of experience and entanglements with the ColdFusion community. These experts build and maintain CF applications through regular and constant review of your CFML source code to identify security vulnerabilities.

After that review, you get a full report update profiling the issues found with the file paths and line numbers. This makes them great catalysts for your project development. However, choosing the wrong ColdFusion consultant can compound the problem.

Suppose you’re looking to identify a top-quality CF consultant or you’re simply a consultant trying to get hired by Clients and customers quickly. In this article, we’ll be highlighting simple indicators that distinguish the best ColdFusion consultants.

Write CFML & CFScript Codes Proficiently

First and foremost, for every new version of ColdFusion, there’s enhanced support for CFML and CFScript. Becoming a distinguished ColdFusion consultant entails critically learning CFML and CFScript. ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) makes it possible for you and your team to accomplish simple web development projects without the need to write additional codes. In addition, you are expected to custom CFML tags through the process of building web applications, following the distinct business needs of each client.

Similarly, you can simplify ColdFusion application development by leveraging CFScript like JavaScript. When you are proficient in CFML and CFScript, it will organically become more comfortable and therefore faster for you and your team to build custom ColdFusion applications in response to distinct business needs.

Testimonials & Reviews

As a consultant, your website should have a section showcasing testimonials of accomplished tasks. Often, reviews are left on the website and can therefore help reassure clients who want to deal with you. Reassuring them you’re equal to the task. If you don’t have a section for testimonials or reviews, you can make available customers who can always refer.

In-depth Knowledge Of Other Commonly Used Web Technologies

To build responsive web applications and cross-platform mobile apps, developers popularly adopt HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Adobe ColdFusion is liberal enough to let developers build web applications and mobile apps by leveraging HTML5. With ColdFusion, programmers can utilise available HTML5 tags or create HTML5 WebSockets. You can easily build ColdFusion applications by becoming proficient in all these widely used web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is imperative to learn these web technologies while learning other versions of Adobe ColdFusion as above all, this will help you stand out among the crowd.

Understand Major Challenges in ColdFusion Application Development

As an astute consultant, you should understand that Adobe ColdFusion comes with a couple of shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Therefore, identifying them as quickly as possible is necessary to seal the loopholes associated with them. As an example, ColdFusion does not support the model-view-controller (MVC) programming paradigm. As a result, you are to keep the user interface, and business logic of an application separated to maintain the code base continuously. Also, a good knowledge of how to debug the code from-time-to-time as ColdFusion does not currently support a built-in debugger.

Spot Challenges in ColdFusion Application Deployment

ColdFusion allows for the integration of third-party plugins and tools that can improve the user experience. Knowing how to leverage these skills is very important if you want to continue enjoying success as a top-notch consultant. However, it is also essential to install the code properly with the required dependencies to deploy the application rightly.

Deploying ColdFusion applications can be a bit strenuous, inconveniencing, and tough. However, one easy thing to do to simplify ColdFusion application deployment is by adopting third-party package managers and command-line tools. This requires that an expert identifies and fixes several issues and errors while installing the code manually.

A Collaborative ColdFusion Consultancy Process

Your consulting process should be simple enough for clients to reach out quickly. The FusionReactor team has an easy ColdFusion consulting process, and you should check it out. Our consultants will work remotely with your development team to help them find and fix issues and prevent recurring problems. 

Here’s how they work:

  • Explain why you need ColdFusion consulting by using this form, putting a call through, or chatting through Live Chat.
  • You’ll get a response within 24 hours or less to schedule a call to discuss your upcoming project.
  • If you’re interested in moving forward, you’ll get a detailed proposal with pricing options, deadlines, and complete scope of work, so you know exactly what to expect.
  • After going through your proposal with you, if everything makes sense, work can kick-start your project.

Affinity With ColdFusion Community

The ColdFusion community has software developers, engineers, and peers drafted from various regions. Being an expert or consultant means one should belong to a professional body. Members of the community will help you fast-track the ColdFusion application development process by resolving issues arising. Experts stay connected with active members of the ColdFusion community through various online forums and platforms.

Team Work Rather Than Individual ColdFusion Consultants

Consultants with teams are much more reliable than solo consultants. Why is this?

  • Relying on a solo consultant could result in limited experience or knowledge on specific issues.
  • Solo consultants can easily ghost on you or take up other projects and get overburdened, therefore delivering poor and late results.
  • No alternatives in case of an unforeseen circumstance. For instance, sickness or accident or a consultant being indisposed.

With a team, you can share your needs, brainstorm, and review the proposals