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Animal Crossing New Horizons is a socially interactive game developed by Nintendo that mimics the character of a carefree villager who indulges in everyday simple village life. The village is filled with all kinds of animals and flowers while the character gets to carry out various activities such as farming, fishing, and hunting. Animal Crossing New Horizons is impressive. It brings the effect of a living world, one that continues whether or not you are there. Time passes as it does in real life, with changing weather and seasons. Animal neighbors talk to you and write letters as if they have minds of their own, and everything on the island feels connected.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Cheats & Secrets

Time Travel

Players are offered the opportunity to time travel. Since the game runs on the Switch internal clock, you can change this clock in your console’s settings when not in the game to advance or rewind time to any date you wish. By time-traveling, players can rapidly grow by a day to restock their island with new resources, fossils, new items in shops, and fast forward the time taken to construct buildings and other features on the island. Done correctly, a player can amass bells faster than normal or progress their island by jumping ahead a day after most daily tasks are completed. However, jumping too far could have adverse effects such as;

  • Weeds growing more plentiful in your absence
  • Jumping months ahead could trigger player inactivity, and cockroaches may appear in your home
  • Villagers may feel neglected and leave your island if you jump ahead too far
  • Turnips will spoil if you jump to another Sunday, or rewind time.
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Borrowing Villager Furniture

At times you could find yourself far away from your workshop and in dire need of a new axe. Luckily, many Villagers on your island will put DIY Workbenches in their homes. So, if one of them is at home, you could enter and use it and get whatever you need.

This also works for any mirrors to quickly change your appearance. As you get more hairstyles to choose from, and you may not find a recipe to make your own mirror for a while. If a villager is already using their workbench, talk to them and they’ll give you that recipe they are working on.

Stopping Wasps

Nothing is worse than shaking a tree to find a wasp nest falling at your feet. You only have seconds to run into a building or get your net, but what if you need more time?

As luck would have it, you can halt the Wasp’s attack. By either opening your inventory or pressing upon the DPAD for your tool ring if you have bought the upgrade from Nook’s Shop. With this, you will be able to take a moment to find and swap to your net. Just be ready to quickly pivot and swipe to catch them before you get stung.

You can also keep yourself out of this situation by keeping a net equipped while shaking trees. Your character will automatically turn to face the wasps if a nest drops, making for a super easy catch!

Legendary Rain Fish

Fishing can be hit or a miss if you are trying to make a lot of money fast. It is hard to tell if that big shadow is a valuable fish or just a bass, but there are some ways to increase your chances for a lucky find. Be sure to always fish in the ocean when it rains as it will give you an opportunity at finding some of the rarest fish in the game, including the Coelacanth, the prehistoric fish worth a whopping 15,000 bells alone!

Final Notes

There are plenty more cheats and secrets available in Animal Crossing New Horizons that would make your gaming experience more exciting. You could even find out more by mere concentration and being resourceful.