The Last of Us Part II – Cheat & Secrets You Need To Know

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The Last of Us Part II is one of the rarest beloved game sequels of this decade. Packed with many intriguing, complex, and of course, brutally emotional scenery that gives it that deep and satisfying feeling by the characters. 

Because of the intense moments upon intense moments, coupled with switching characters and other scary kinds of stuff, The Last of Us Part II has kept many players hooked to their screen until they complete the campaign. 

According to a few pundits like Ungeek, and a newly discovered PlayStation trophy data, The Last of Us Part II is the most anticipated and completed game of 2020. This makes perfect sense because fans either hate or love the game, which makes standing between love or hate practically impossible.

Whichever side you are on, either roaming the hellish landscape as Abby or taking revenge for her father’s death as Ellie, knowing a few twists and turns when looking for things of interest can make the gameplay enjoyable. It can also make it easy to complete for those who find it a bit harder within Seattle’s Quarantine Zone and beyond.

Here is our The Last of Us Part II cheats you’ll encounter when playing the game, including some of the Game modifiers added to the recent 1.05 update by NaughtyDog.

The Last of Us Part II Cheats

As a result of the recent 1.05 update, gamers can now enjoy some exclusive accessibility options that make playing the game a lot easier. But you will have to complete the campaign first before you can use any of the game modifiers.

Gameplay Modifiers

Bullet Speed Mode

Shooting enemies down has never been this more comfortable with this bullet speed mode option. The game will run at 25 per cent speed to make shooting swift.

Slow Motion

Everything doesn’t always have to happen fast. Let’s slow it down a little and enjoy the game.

Unlimited Ammunition

There is no need to search and collect ammo when you can allow access to this option. The best part is that it provides players with unlimited ammo for all guns.

Infinite Crafting

It always gives you that god-like feeling when you know you have the unlimited resources to craft whatever you want. But this comes with a setback as you can’t hold an infinite amount of those crafted menus. Please take a look at Molotovs for example, you can only have three of them at a time, but you can make an unlimited amount of them when playing.

Unlimited Unbreakable Melee

Need I remind you that Melee weapons don’t break, and having an unlimited amount will help you progress even further.

Infinite Listen Mode Range

You can listen for a longer distance.


It has never been more fun knowing that with one good shot, you can send enemies to their death.

Touch of Death

The Touch of Death Kills all Melee confrontation with one hit.

Cheat List

Enhancing Your Vision

Increased accessibility is like having an extra pair of eyes or legs. If used properly, it can really work in your favor as you journey through Seattle’s Quarantine Zone. Sometimes it might be formidable spotting enemies in dark areas or locating small collections that will help you advance your gameplay. Of course, if you are experiencing any of these, consider turning on the accessibility to highlight important collections. Simply swipe the touchpad of your controller and mute color in an environment. This leaves you with blue for allies, red for enemies, and yellow for interactive collections. You can use this as an added advantage, especially when you are shooting enemies in the bush or thinking of what to pick fast enough. However, naughty dog didn’t include color changes for infected stalkers as they do not appear in red, but you might still have a swift time finding them lurking in the dark.

Breaking Windows To Your Advantage

As you continue to play the game, you will realize that some doors are locked and would require assets to open them. But you can use your melee attacks to break most glass windows and displays just by getting close enough then press Button X on your controller. Even though you can break windows by tossing bricks and bottles to gain entry, it is somewhat time-consuming; instead, it can be better applied for surprising your approaching enemies.

Opening Safe

When a city is brought to ruins, and the remaining people are trying to survive, uncovering what’s inside a locked safe can be interesting to watch, while what’s inside the safe can be useful to your quest. There is a secret move to opening the safe that no one will tell you about. You need to listen carefully to achieve this. When you slowly turn the dial, you can hear clicking sounds, but the right dial has a distinct sound from others, if you pay close attention, you can achieve this. 

Infinite Breath

The Last of Us Part II comes with several intriguing underwater adventures, and if you are struggling with holding your breath for too long, then you must turn on “infinite breath.” Head to Accessibility > Navigation and Traversal to enable this. Indeed, it provides the characters with the advantage to remain underwater for as long as they want.

Ledge Protection

This feature right here prevents characters from falling from ledges. Navigate to Accessibility > Navigation and Traversal and enable the “Ledge Guard” to prevent characters from untimely death while playing.

Final Notes

Naughtydog developers released these cheats because they really want many people to play, and as well, complete the game. These cheats will serve as a useful asset for those who wish to enable accessibility mode.